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Bloody Diarrhea

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We are fostering a 6 week old kitty (aprox) and she has bloody diarrhea. Sorry if this is too detailed. The fecal matter does not 'look' bloody, but her anus does. After a diarrhea movement another 'thing' came out. It did not look like feces, it was a red mucus ball and then there was blood on her anus. Now she cries (meows) while trying to go to the bathroom. In addition she has very watery eyes. Behavior is fine except sometimes when she walks or runs it seems a bit funny. Almost like she is dragging her behind. She is eating normal and otherwise seems like a fine kitty.

The people at the shelter told us we could come back for medicine but my concern is my 3 adult cats that live in the apartment. I have them separated (separate room, separate litter box, etc...) but am still concerned if I am putting my cats at risk.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
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after som e further reading it looks like I can see her "anal scent sack"? a small brown think, almost like a peice of skin coming out of her anus on the right side. and and maybe what I saw was a "plug".
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Whenever anything of this nature happens, it's best to get kitty to a vet. Your instincts on separation are good - better safe than sorry.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I have no experience re: anal sac problems - I just know that whenever anything happens with any of our gang (even when we're fostering), we head straight to the vet.

Best wishes and hope it's something simple!
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Yes I agree but unfortunalty we can afford to take the fosterd kitties to a vet ontop of paying for our own 3 cats. We only keep the kitties from m-f because most adoptions happen over the weekedn and instead of keeping them in a cage the whole week, we give them a little tlc.

I spoke to the rescue agency, who have connections with vets and i am sure get discounted prices. Sounds like they just want us to bring her back and they will give her to a different foster parent for the week. i expressed my concern with spreading anything to my cats. After some research it doesnt sound like its something they can get, but this kitten needs a vet.

So its safe to say im not that happy with the way the rescue center is acting. I know they have a lot of cats/kittens to move, but they do get $100 per adoption and you would think there would be a bit more concern for the cats health.

Thanks for your response
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Is the kitty a manx?
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Originally Posted by hissy
Is the kitty a manx?
I dont think so...but would not really know

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Nope Manx are bob-tailed. Your kitty really does need to see a vet just to be evaluated. Fostering does take its toll depending on which organization you have hooked up with to be a foster cat parent.
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I thought I would post since it sounds like something very similar I went through recently with my little Layla. I found my post and thought I would direct you there.


From my understanding, most cat's are born with worms, which is why when you take your youngin in for it's first check-up, that's almost always something that is taken care of. She seriously sounds like she has a very bad case of worms. Unfortunatly, without proper medication, it's not going to get better. The bad diarrhea is going to cause her to become dehydrated very quickly, and her being so young, the outlook won't be good if it's not treated properly. Within a day, we saw immediate improvement in her personality, and she's like a new kitten. As for your other cats, as long as they aren't using the same litterbox, and aren't licking the little one, they should be fine. I saw you said you are keeping the youngin separated from the other's which is a good thing. I would take her to the shelter and get some proper medication for her.

If a vet is needed and the shelter can't help, but you can find a vet that would be willing to help you out some since you are fostering her, and maybe setup a monthly payment plan. Our vet visit for Layla was just around $110 to give you a rough estimate. I wish you lot's of luck with this little darling and I hope she feels better soon.
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Thank you all, was able to get some medicine for her. Hope it will work.
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