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Kitten with diahrea

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Please help! I've had this new kitten for about three months and there has been no problem but within the last few days she has gotten diahrea really bad and I'm not sure what to do for her. I don't have the finances right now to take her to the vet. Is there anything I can try at home to help her. She did have this problem a few weeks ago and then her poops got better. But lately it has become a real problem. Sometimes she doesn't make it to her liter box in time. On top of all this we are trying to house break a pot bellied pig. What a mess!!!!
Thanks for you help!
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I'm not sure what to tell you other than the fact that kittens with diarrhea go downhill very fast. It dehydrates them quickly. I think if the kitten has had this for a few days a vet visit really is in order. Is there any way you could work out payments with the Vet?
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I agree, usually when a cat has runny stool on a regular basis it's a red flag. There are a # of parasites that can cause this as well as a virus. It can also be the food they are eating or medications they are taking. I understand it can be a strain financially, but if it is a parasite or virus it could make your kitty very sick. I would have the vet look at a stool sample and if all is clear, you can look into the food issue.
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Does you kittens problem cooinside with you getting the pot bellied pig. If so it could possibly be stress related. Nontheless you ktty should be checked out!!!
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I have also reliazed that my kitten maybe going into heat. This is my first female cat so I'm not sure what the signs are. But I have found bloody fluid on the bathroom floor and she walks around all the time meowing. This is not the first time this has happened it happened about two or three weeks ago. She's only about 3/4 months old does this happen at that age? And she only has runny stole when she acts like that. Does that sound possible?
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Well it is quite possible for girl kittens to go into heat that early.....however as I said I still believe she should be checked out no matter what. Better to err on the side of safety.
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You need to get the kitten to the vet. Blood is a sure sign there's something wrong. First off, cats generally go into heat about 6 months and up. Second, cats do not bleed when they are in heat. They are only loud and they roll around alot. Please, take the kitten to the vet!!!
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