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what do you think? alive or dead?

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It seems like they are getting closer & closer to finding Bin Laden. Do you think they will capture him alive or dead? I'm hoping they catch him alive, but I don't think it's likely, unfortunately.
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Hmmm I don't know..... I've got a feeling they'll get him alive....I don't know why though... I hope so!
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What on earth would they do with him alive? I don't think the Gov't has set "rules" for military tribunals as of yet, so will he be tried in America? Take up taxpayer money for his court case? Honestly, I don't know what good he will do alive. But I am afraid if he is taken out, he will become a martyr. And I also suspect members of his little cult have instructions to commit more terrorist acts if he is killed.
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Do you think its a possibility that he will commit suicide if he believes he will be found? I don't think he'll be stupid enough to allow himself to be taken into US custody. I believe there will be 'fallout' after his death, however that comes about, suach as was already suggested, probably in the form of more terrorist action. I have a feeling whatever will happen, is going to happen soon.
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I hope they will be able to capture bin Loden alive, and that they will bring him to justice quickly. If he is already dead, I'm afraid that he will be considered a hero or a martyr(sp) by his followers and anyone else who had similar beliefs.
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No, he won't commit suicide. If he died in Jihad, as a martyr, he will be vastly rewarded in heaven. You know, the whole 70 virgins bit...
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Thats the thing you see.....if he is killed he will become a martyr...thats what bugs me and the reason I hope he is found alive....I guess I just like the simple idea of him getting his butt kicked while he is still around to know about it!! To be honest... I just hope they get him soon - one way or the other.
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I heard on CNN that they have evidence that Bin Laden has given orders to two of his sons to kill him if we are getting too close. I don't think we will ever capture him alive. He'll either kill himself or have someone else do it. I don't think he would ever allow himself to be captured. Just my opinion.
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I know I am a little slow on this post but as some of you know I have been off line for a while.

It is thought that Bin Laden has now fled Afghanistan and he is thought to be in Pakistan....I would like to think that they will capture him alive........I would also like to think that he will be captured all together as although he is a total and utter lunatic he seems also to be a rather clever man when it somes to...erm...what is the word.....hiding....who knows what will happen and if he will be found - lets hope and prey he does.
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They said this morning on CNN that there is no feasible reason why a group of rebels would be fighting so intensely to protect their own lives (as they believe giving themselves to death is the ultimate reward to Allah) so they believe that they are fighting to protect Osama.

In the interest of Intelligence protocol, they would (if they capture him alive) have to do a military tribunal because otherwise they would have to make public how they found him, what means they used, what evidence they had, it could key other terrorists how to cover their tracks better so we couldn't find them. That is my thought anyway, plus, how would they find an unbiased juror in the U.S that wouldn't want the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: put to death in the most inhuman way possible?
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I heard today that the marines heard him talking to his men over the listening device. The news said the marines have a stradegy already in effect on how to take him alive. I wish that they would kill him but bring his body out as proof he is dead. Another Hitler in my book.
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how would they find an unbiased juror in the U.S. that wouldn't want the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: put to death in the most inhuman way possible?
I can't be very rational about bin Loden, and I don't know anything about military tribunals!!!! If he is captured alive and brought to justice by the U.S., I want to seem him being really kicked around! Couldn't the U.S. government use some legal loopholes that would allow the nornal legal procedures to be disregarded because of the circumstances? We should be able to give bin Loden the kind of treatment he truly deserves!!!!!!
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I wanted to add something. I have a lot of respect for Hissy, and I didn't quote from her post to be critical of her in any way! But I really don't understand why we should even have to think about being fair in a possible trial for bin Loden!
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We've wasted enough money and not to mention the lives that were taken to worry about bringing this kind of evil to justice. His justice is sitting right at the end of an oozie or smart bomb.

In my opinion he deserves just what he handed out.
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