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My Tammy is pregnant and I feel that she has about a week left befor she gives birth. I have only estimated this by info I have read saying that you can first tell a cat is pregnant at about 5 weeks as you can notice her tummy much bigger.

Well I first noticed her tummy much bigger about 3 weeks ago which could make her around 8 weeks pregnant, so am I right in guessing she has about a week to go?

Last week her tummy seemed to have 'shrunk' so I was hunting everywhere for 'babies' and was very worried but by the end of last week her tummy is much bigger again?!

She is only a little thing herself so I dont think she will get much bigger.

I am also worried because she is still playing around as usual, running, jumping and playing 'roughly'. Will this harm her babies at all? She is definately sleeping alot more but hasnt really gone off of her food, she is more hungry then ever.

Hope you can make sense of all I have said and maybe offer advice?


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If you don't have an exact date of the mating, then it is pretty much anyone's guess when Tammy will deliver.

Unless she injures herself when playing, then her babies should be fine.

Just keep an eye on her and you might start to see the babies get ~real~ active about a day or so before Tammy is ready to deliver them.
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Ok thanks for your reply, I will keep my eyes open!

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Sarah, one thing I forgot to mention ...

You said Tammy seems more hungry than normal - this is to be expected. Let her eat as much as she wants whenever she wants. She needs to build up her resources before her kittens arrive so she can nurse them afterwards. Put her on a good, high-quality kitten food formula and if you don't feed her canned food now, start giving her some. Make that a good kitten food formula too. She needs a lot of calories in order to be able to sustain the nutritional needs of herself and her babies when they come.
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Thanks again Gayef

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