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These kittens are soo funny....

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hissin at me with their little mouths no teeth in them... everythime they smell me.. i know they will hiss when they smell something unfamilier... it's just so funny!!!! i love these two little personalities already!!!!!
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I love Kitten Hisses. They just tickle me. These tiny little things all puffed up and hissing at people who are easily 25 times their size ... babies are so funny.
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is that they are only a week old today... lol they can't even see me yet... the older one started it first her name is dot. So I thought wow her little personality is already comming out ... this one is going to be a handful lol. Then her little brother started doing it yesterday it's so cute... their little scrunched up faces trying to be so mean
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Hiss oh my godness, my 5 rescued babies did it to, but now all they do is purr and rub there cheeks all over me
I have a blk and white that is kinda nasty to the others she's sassy to say the least and greedy on top of that, I told my hubby if I COULD keep her I'd have to name her between nasty an sassy, so I figured sasty lol, I just Love them all
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yeah i read that if they smell a new smell they hiss at it.. so i know that's all it is.. they will get used to our smell and love us just as much as we love them...

i love my zoey .... and her 1 week old kittens dot and jello
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its funny, one of my little kittens, now three weeks old, started hissing about a week ago. she is sooo funny, and she is the only one that does it. everytime i go near her, she is like no way...get away..hisss..haha. funny thing, she is the smallest yet has the most attitude.
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One of my breeder/mentors has a term for when kittens hiss - she calls it a "conversational hiss". It is sort of like saying, "Hold the phone there Josephine, I don't know your smell, so I am gonna hiss and warn you that even though it may be physically impossible, if it is determined that I don't like your smell, I will attempt to rip you to shreds. Otherwise, I'll just chill out." LOL
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Last years litter (including Festus) were hissers. My new litter has never ever hissed. Now at 3 weeks old, two of them are already purring. Babies are so fun, aren't they?
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Yeah, I love the hisses. SOOOO intimidating.
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My little kitten Graycie hissed when my brother first brought her home. He said when he found her she hissed and spit at him. LOL! THen when he brought her home I had her in a little box and bent down to get a closer look and she backed into the corner and gave me a good hissing, then I moved a little closer and she hissed and kind of jumped at me. It was so funny, that little ball of fluff thinking she is a ferocious lion or something.
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Oh cute. How are the babies?
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Aaawww how cute!! I love it when they do that. My little ones are 2 days old and had 2 of them hiss at me. LOL CUTE!
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My kitties don't hiss at me, that might be because they sleep on my dirty laundry. I guess they are used to my smell.
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