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getting grouchy?

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I've got a quick question -- nothing too serious. My cat Tigger (I know, real original name -- he's my first kitty) seems to be turning into more and more of a "mama's boy" as the years go by. He'll be 7 this year, so he's not old or anything, but he seems to be pretty annoyed with almost everyone except me (and he doesn't seem to mind my husband). Up until the last couple of years, he was always happy to see and play with anyone, but now if someone else is petting him, he'll seem to enjoy it for a little bit and then get really mad and bite. Not too hard (never broke skin), but hard enough to let them know that he means business.

We have another cat, Miles (did better with the name this time), that we got when Tigg was about 2 or 3. Tigg's behavior changed a little bit -- he used to play fetch with me, but starts to give up because sweet-but-dumb Miles runs into the middle of it and ruins the game. Stuff like that. He sometimes is annoyed by Miles, but loves him anyway. They seem to have an uncle/nephew relationship.

Any thoughts on why he's feeling this way or what I can do to restore the happy-go-lucky kitty everyone used to love (not just me!)?
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You know, geriatrics for cats hits at about 7. He may just very well be getting set in his ways. If theres no medical problem that is. I have my 4 year old who is head of the house. He only likes to be loved on his terms. He tolerates the other cats, but is not over friendly. The kicker is that he used to love sleeping with my husband, now he is annoyed at the very fact that he wants to touch him. I am the only one he will lay on and I am the only one who can play with him and bathe him. This just happened when he was about 3, so I am assuming he found his final personality. I wouldnt worry too much unless you see some other strange behaviors. As for making him like he used to be, I havn't a clue. Hopefully someone has some ideas for ya.
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First, like Sandie said, you may want to consult your vet if you see other changes - maybe you need to take a closer look at him and at his routines to notice these changes. At 7, he's not a young cat anymore and could have all sorts of medical conditions.

I would suggest interactive playtime to encourage him to bring out the kitten in him.
Set fixed times for this and maybe get Miles out of the room for the session. Then try to play fetch again, or maybe play with a "fish rod" toy. Don't tire him out but do play regularly at least once a day for 15-20 minutes. After a few weeks you should be able to see if he's less grouchy.

Let us know how it's going!
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Those are great ideas. Thanks Sandie and Anne! I love him just the way he his -- I just wish everyone could enjoy him the way I do! I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Come to think of it, I have heard that as cats get older, they can grow more and more attached to one particular person. Maybe that's all it is.

Thanks again!

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