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quick is she in labour?

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I just went to check on opal and her back in rising,she is standing there them her whole back squeezed together,its beeng happening every minute,I got a wet patch on my bed where she lays,dont know if it is water but no one else has been on my bed apart from her,she is eating and purring away,
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ok im definately seeing her back squeeze,its like contractions but im seeing it in her back? Im so nervous,also the bed is really wet,it has no real smell to it either
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Ok they arent as regular now,she will not stop purring around me,maybe she has wind because she sure stinks LOL
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Keep an eye on her and stay with her - she might want the comfort of having you around while she delivers.

She stinks? Sometimes with the straining of a contraction, a Momma cat will defecate a bit - has she soiled her nesting area? If so, you will want to get it nice and clean before the babies arrive.
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Not soiled just farting a lot LOL,also she had this green thing stuck out of her vagina,like a thin green glob,very little ammount but she has licked it away.

She seems to have stopped now though,she is just chillin on my bed,the kittens are very very active,she does miow at me when I go to see her and she rolls over onto her back,but Im not seeing any more contractions
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Yes, I would say today or into tonight, you'll begin seeing those babies. I know that with me, I watched Lexus growing during her pregnancy and watched as the babies began to move around in there ... after a little over two months, I was so happy to meet the little bitties after watching them develop for what seemed like ever that I cried while she presented them to me. She delivered each and every one of her babies right into the palm of my hand and was so proud of herself. It touched my heart in a way it had not been touched for quite a long while. Enjoy the process, my dear. It really is quite special.
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Aww im so nervous its untrue,its my fault because ive researched everything that can go wrong,I wasnt sure if the green thing was her plug or not because it looked like a little twig or something,but it wasnt,its funny how the contractions have stopped,bless her she is so tired
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some cat rest between them mine started at 11 and end about 4-5 in morning
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Update,no kittens,she spent a lot of last night sticking her head into small places,lots of discharge this morning but it has a green tint to it,so Im going to call the vet if I cant find anything that says it is normal.
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