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Boy am I glad to be back here!

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I have missed you all SOOOOO much. I still have dial-up for the moment, but I'm avidly researching my options.

First the not-so-great news (ok, I have a gift for understatement) I arrived home on May 15, all critters well, to learn that my mother was given mere weeks to live. She chose not to tell me because she wanted me to complete my semester of study and the move without worrying about her. We had three wonderful weeks together, but she faded much more quickly than I thought she would, and she passed away very peacefully last Wednesday. Her funeral was yesterday afternoon, and we had lovely sunny skies for the graveside. She will be missed by many.

But, with a houseful of critters, I have plenty of support. I now have FIVE cats, two guinea pigs and a loveable sheltie-X who all need me!!!!! I've had lots of purrs and headbutts and plenty of snuggles at night, and once I get the older ladies healthy again (13 and 10, having separate GI issues) we will all be even more content. Cinnamon, the "puppy", is a bit lost without his mom, but he and I have talked a lot about how we can take care of the rest of the furballs, and I think we'll do OK.

You all have no idea what a joy it's been to log back in finally and get a much needed dose of laughter. I am so so glad to be back among my friends.
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back. I am sorry to hear about your mom. She did a wonderful, selfless thing in having you finish your school and move. She must have been a great gal.
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I'm glad your back, but am sorry to read about the loss of your mom. Its good that woud have the pets to comfort you.
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It's good to see you Erica!

My heart is with you during this very difficult time. But it is a godsend to be needed at a time like this. I'm sure your mother's animals are mourning her loss as well.
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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. It's good that her passing was peaceful and that you could be with her.

Welcome Back!! This is a wonderful place to be when you're going through rough times because of all the people sending you vibes and support.
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I´m so sorry Erica for your loss...:hug: my thougths with you ...

Welcome Back!
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Sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum, Erika. I'm glad it was peaceful and that you had some time together, however short, before she passed. You and the critters will help each other through this next bit of time as you all adjust to her absence. Be gentle with yourself. Welcome back.
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I'm sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. I recall correctly, you moved out there to be with her? It must have been a real comfort for you to be there by her side. Please check in when you feel like chatting with us. It's nice to see you back.
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Thank you all so much! (did I mention I'm thrilled to be back?? :grins: ) Yes, Chris, you remember right. I moved home so I would be here if she deteriorated, I just never thought it would be so soon. I am so grateful for the time we did have, and I know that she is satisfied that she finished her work here before she passed.

The kits have been an incredible comfort, and Cinnamon the 70-lb lapdog is doing quite well. He understands that I'm the alpha now, and we are both grieving in our own way. He sits on the couch with me and puts his head in my lap so we can talk and reminisce (sp??). The old maids insist on keeping me company at night, and I am growing accustomed to the paralysis that their presence atop the covers induces. the purrs and headbonks help make the transition smoother
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My heart goes out to you sweetie Your Mom sounds like she was a true angel and now she has her wings. Remember that she is always with you, and that the kitkats and doggy are always there for you, like we are here
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Welcome back Erica!!! It sounds like you're handling the loss of your mom really well. I thought you had moved.
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