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I am so nervous!!!

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Tommorrow at this time I will be on the bus going to Chicago to get on a plane to go to Mexico!!!

Oh my stomach feels all fluttery!!!

I doubt I am going to sleep tonight.. I have only gotten about four hours of sleep a day in the past week

Thankfully I have stocked up on Tylenol PM to help me sleep while I am down there!!!

Gosh I am so nervous!!!

I really wish I could just go to sleep though!!!

I got my state ID today I told my mom "well, at least we didnt wait until the last minute, we waited until the day before the last minute!!!"

Oh my poor kitties! They will be all sad and confused!!! But my mom will take care of them

OH I feel so queasy and nervous! I have never ridden in a plane before I have also never been away from home like this before! Im glad I like the teacher who is going on the trip Ive got phone cards, keys, locks, clothes, money, everything I need I will have about ... 2300 pesos once I get my money changed yay! I stocked plenty of pepto bismol, a large thing of sun tan lotion, and some after spray for if I do get sunburned I am going to be wearing mostly pants, so If I get too hot I will ahve to deal with it!!! I am glad we are going down there now though, because it is there winter now kind of

I really wish my mom could have gone with, but we didnt have the money, and there werent enough kids for her to go free (if there are seven or less kids, one supervising adult gets to go free, if there are 14 or more, two get to go free, but there are only 6 kids including me Her daughter, the teacher, and two fathers are going also... oh I wish my mom was going with me! I would have so much more fun! as it is I know no one who is going in the group besides the teacher, so I will most likely be on my own the whole time (if I want to do extra activities)
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Have a nice time. Sending you some calm vibes. See you when you return.
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I am so jealous!! I am sure you will have an awesome time!

Try to enjoy this part of the trip too, soon it will be over, so make good memories

I have never been on a plane before either, so let us know how it goes when you come back

Safe trip, Bon Voyage!
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You sound SO excited, and I am sure you will have a great time.

My first trip to a foreign land was exciting, also, and I still think of a few words I wrote and slipped under the loose formica top on a table in Verona, and wonder if anyone ever found it.

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You will have a wonderful time - just be careful and don't lose your money, passport etc - it is easy to get distracted on a first trip away. It would be a shame to spoil it for something like that. And I am sure the plane ride will be great. Good luck!
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Have a great time! I'm sure your Mom will miss you, too, but she wants you to have a great experience.
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How very exciting! I have never been to Mexico, so I will really enjoy your posts telling us about the trip.

My son flies to see his Dad in Michigan about twice a month, going out of O'Hare or Midway. I feel like I live at the airport sometimes!
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By the time you read this, you'll be back home safe and sound I hope you had a GREAT trip!!! Share pictures with us if you took some. Welcome back!
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I hope you get a window seat and your flight is during the day. Seeing the clouds under you and the way the landscape looks from up there is awesome! You'll love it!

Even though you don't know anyone except your teacher, I'm sure you'll make lots of friends quickly and you'll have a great time.

You'll know while you're gone that your furbabies are being well taken care of, so try not to worry-everything will be just fine. When you get back maybe you can post some pictures of your trip.
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