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Hi everyone, so far this site has been pretty helpful, but I figured I would go ahead and post that way I may get some help soon! My cat Bella is almost 3 years old and precious I might add. However, she has been acting very lazy and depressed the past couple days. She also is hiding in places and doesn't come out when I call her, which she usually comes running. I just checked the litter box and she hasn't had any bowel movements since atleast yesterday which is when I changed the box. I know this may sound gross....... but I have another cat named Smoke and they are very close, but I have seen him a couple times licking her butt! Could this mean she's constipated? If there is no bowel movement in the morning I think I am going to go ahead to the vet. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed!! Thanks a bunch! -Crystal
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I would take Bella to the Vet. Sending *Good Vibes* to you and Bella that it won't be abything serious.
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Hmmm...first, I don't think anything a cat would do would sound gross to any cat owner.;P We all witness butt-licking once in a while!lol
If it was only constipation, I would not fret, but I don't like a cat to be hiding and acting depressed...I'd take the cat to the vet....
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Yeah, ditto the others. A cat that's got a behavior change toward hiding and less activity may not be feeling well. The other cat may be picking up on that. Please let us know what you find out at the vet!!
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