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Fluid in her lungs

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My kitten is at the vets for the day. Her runny eye never cleared up and now she's laying in the oxygen tank at the vets fighting for her life.
The vet thinks it might be FIP He's going to draw some fluid off her lungs to test it.
You know I feel like I'm cursed, my newborn son died last year from lung disease too.
Kids and pets, guarenteed to break your heart.
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Oh, how very painful this must be for you, Paula.Thank you for sharing this difficult time with us. Ginger, I'm praying for you, precious little girl. Please get will soon!
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He's only 7 and he loves Ginger sooooooo much
He has had to cope with losing his brother, I don't know what to tell him
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I am sorry to hear about Ginger's condition, hopefully it's not FIP and if it is I am sure she will be in the best of care while she's with you and your family.

Wishing Ginger a speedy recovery and you and your family lots of strength
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Paula, you have my heart during this time, and my prayers. My son would have been 31 years old this month. Your son that you have been blessed with, understands death far better than you give him credit for. But don't jump the gun here, the kitten may survive. Just take it one day at a time and remember to breathe and think good thoughts-
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Sad news for my little girl, the vets took about 2 tablespoons of bacteria & pus filled fluid from her lungs today. I've worked so hard for her and have just got her weaned a week ago.
She's on antibiotics and is staying at the vets until further notice.
Please pray for her.
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Dearest Paula ...Your family and Ginger are in my thoughts & prayers.
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Thinking about you, i really hope this poor baby survives, and i hope it isnt FIP, i know first hand how nasty an illness it is.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm sending all my good vibes your way.
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Dushka had severe pneumonia and masses of fluid in her lungs when I found her as a tiny kitten and the vet gave her a 20% chance. But she pulled through after around three weeks on antibiotics and syringe feeding, so there is always hope. Good vibes coming your way.
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We went to see Ginger this morning and apart from the shaved bits either side of her ribs she looks 100% better. Honestly yesterday I thought she was a gonner, she just collapsed in my arms gasping for air.
She's on 2 types of antibiotics, one oral, on injected and in the oxygen box. She should be able to come home 2moro but will still have to go in everyday for her shots and a check.
She looked so pleased to see us this morning, smooching my face and then snuggling in for a game of playbiting (she's always soft).
She got quite upset when we put her back in the box.
She was only 660g when we took her in yesterday, this is underweight isn't it? It's her 2 month birthday 2moro
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Oh she is in my thoughts!
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thats brilliant news, fingers crossed she carries on improving.
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I really hope it all works out and she continues to improve.
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So happy for this news Paula! They really do have 9 lives dont they? I am praying that every day Ginger gets stronger and healthier and gets to come home soon.
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Hang in there Ginger & keep getting better. Paula, you & little Ginger are in my prayers.
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My little girl came home yesterday and is a little bundle of lovin' claws.
Antibiotics 3 x a day by oral and another by injection everyday for 5 days.
I have never seen her so energetic!
She's eating Hills a/d again and put on 60g in 24hrs.
DO NOT even ASK how much all this cost $$$ , she's just lucky we love her.
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Wonderful! Here's hoping it continues. Dushka sends a hug to Ginger (been there, done that)
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