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cracked, splitting claws?

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I have 2 kitties, both still have their claws. I'm concerned b/c my younger kitty's claws look unhealthy to me. My other's cat's claws shed off in thin layers on the sides, and leave a normal looking lcaw underneath. The other one's claws look as if they're cracked into thirds, and when the sides split off, it seems to expose raw, soft flesh (the quick?). Somtimes they also bend at the tip, and later the tip (about 2 mm)will come off w/ the sides like a shell. It has gotten to where I don't trim her claws anymore b/c I'm afraid of making it worse. I don't know if this is some nutritional deficiency (she was a very starved and skinny stray when I got her), or if it is b/c she scratches excessively-besides scratching on the post, carpet, etc, she does this weird thing where she scratches whatever she is laying on the entire time that she bathes herself-really weird, I know. Also annoying when she does it to me! I only have the other one to compare w/, so this could be normal but I'm not sure. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!
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I am not an expert at all, I just happened to read your post.
I got the impression that your cat's claws are brittle, and I can really understand why you are concerned about a possible nutritional deficiency. You may want to have your vet evaluate the cat's condition. You also said your cat does some scratching while she grooms herself and also does it to you, there is a perfectly normal behavior cats show throughout their lives which is called kneading. It goes back to the time the cat was a kitten and nursing from its mother, and it means the cat is happy and comfortable, and may be having memories of its kittenhood. The cat pushes up and down with its paws, and if the cat happens to be in your lap when this happens, it can be uncomfortable. Is this what you mean? There are others here who are very knowledgeable and can help you further.
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yes-that is what I'm talking about It's kinda funny-she will do that while purring and "lapping" her tongue in the air.

Anyhow, unfortunately, I really can't afford to take her to the vet. She is due for shots in a few months, and I usu. try to ask as many questions as I can while i'm there. In the meantime, I'm gonna try and do what I can
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I think what you are talking about is called "kneading" and cats do it when they're happy. The theory I have heard is that they did that as kittens to stimulate their mother's milk, and as adults do it when they feel comfortable and happy. So it is a compliment
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I'm not sure-I thought kneading was when they do it w/ their paws which sometimes accidentally uses claws-they do this sometimes. but this cat actually claws at whatever she is on while she bathes herself-there are giant holes in all of my comforters and bedspreads from it because she'll claw as if she's grabbing stuff!

Anyways, does anyone else know of anything I can do for her claws? they really look awful, and every time part of it comes off, I imagine that it would be painful to have the pink part exposed.
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You might try talking to the vet on the phone about the condition of your cat's claws. Maybe the vet could give you some advice about how to treat the problem. If the vet wants you to bring the cat to the clinic is it possible to set up a payment plan?
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Use a cat nail clipper, not people nail clippers. I had the same problem because I was using toenail clippers because they were easier for me to handle.
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actually, I have been using cat nail clippers. My other cat's claws are fine though. I have not been cutting hers lately, though, and the problem seems to be getting better.
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