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Zoe vs. the Sheet Monster

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Zoe goes totally ape dookie very time I put fresh sheets on the bed. It's like there's kitty crack in the dryer sheet or something. lol

She has to start by blocking the progress.

Then she ends up under them in a big kitty lump.

Finally, she has to help smooth them out.

Meowmy's little "helper"! (Holy terror is more like it!)
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Zoe helps make the bed the same way Trent does! We always plan at least 1/2 hour to make the bed. Silly kitties!
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Oh yes... we're very familiar with the sheet monster around here. My guys insist on helping me make the bed too... little gremlins.
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Zoe you are the cutest little sheet terror.
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LOVE the pics!

That's hilarious, I think you're on to something....

My cats go nuts over bedding too.. Elle will crawl and burrow under the sheets at night and if you move your legs or toes she tries to bite them!

I always make sure to tuck the blankets in around my toes now.. or else I might wake up missing one!
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Aren't they just so helpful. That's why I shut my door this evening when I changed my sheets.
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I tried locking them out of the room one night after they were fighting on the bed and keeping me awake.. that didn't work out well.

All I heard was "Meoooooooow" "scratch"...and so on!

Sometimes they can be little devils
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Adorable pictures. We go through a similiar routine, with Gracie as my "helper."
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Awwwwww Their brilliant!

Rosie is the main culprit where the changing of the quilt cover is concerned, and i have the great joy of doing it this weekend
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This is why my cats are locked out of my bedroom whenever I make the bet (and judging by how loud they WHINE, you'd think I was torturing them by locking them out for 5 :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:' minutes!!! ). Wonder what it is about sheets?
Those are great pictures of Miss Zoey
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Emma and Oliver enjoy the "sheet monster" as well. Particularly at 3 in the morning.
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Those are such cute pictures! All three of my girls just love to help put new sheets on the bed also. We always end up with 3 mysterious lumps.
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sooo sooo cute
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Aww that' what my kitties do too!! They get under the sheets and start jumping and then another one comes and pounces the one under the sheets! It's so funny.
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Originally Posted by JaneMary

My cats go nuts over bedding too.. Elle will crawl and burrow under the sheets at night and if you move your legs or toes she tries to bite them!
Is this a Siamese thing or what? Meekow (what I've taken to calling Mika, our pint-size moocow) does that only he'll fight with the edge of the blanket until he's separated it from the sheet so he can burrow down between them... sometimes I help him if I'm not half asleep already.

He also sits under the bird cage, concealed by the skirt I made for it, and waits for you to walk by... all you see is little chocolate feet grabbing at your toes!
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Oh how cute!
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My guys are longhairs so I have to vaccum the bed every morning.
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It must be a kitty thing, then. LOL I hadn't had a cat do that before, so I'm glad ZoZo isn't some kind of sick sheet freak. hehe
BKD, that must suck having to vaccum every morning. lol
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Awww! My babies do that *every* time I change the bedsheets, too. Great pics of sweet Zoe!!
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Joey never goes nuts over bedding. He's only gone underneath my blankets once and after that he never went under there again. He probably doesn't go insane probably because he's used to the bedding, since he sleeps with me everynight..

for the record

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thats so cute my kittie(s) dont do that!
instead their a bedtime horrer!
my sis's cat just crawl into your bed biting every thing that moves (including you) and when there's no movent he'l wipe his boogers on your face!
my my cutie just meows all nigt long to go outside or just eat, its horible!
at day time all they do is sleep ti'l you try to sleep!
it's quite funny realy cuz everyone in my fam complains "if they do that again i'll..."

awesome pics btw
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I dont' even bother making the bed if Max is in the room. I make sure he is out and close the door, if not it can take about 15 minutes of fighting with him to stay off the bed.
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She is so funny! Rocky is the same way still and he is 3 years old...I can never make a bed without him getting underneath them, and attacking every movement...
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