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It's Finished!

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I finally got the b*gger done today:

So far it has met with rollicking success:

Now maybe I can get back onto some of my other projects !
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Wow! that looks great!
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It looks lovely. I want make one, from a CD I won off TCS a few years ago.
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That's awesome!! It's looks as though the cats are enjoying it too.
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That is awesome! I just love it! I have thought of making a cat tree from branches, but the green areas are cool! Looks like your cats are climbing trees! Good job!
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Wow! That is so neat!! And you did a really great job too. Was it hard to make?
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Now THOSE are seriously spoiled kitties!! Awesome tree!
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That is totally AWESOME, I am showing my husband that picture when he gets home, he wants to make something and he is always talking about it, I THINK THAT IS SO AWESOME, beautiful. LOOKS GREAT
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Your are so clever. The cats look like they love it . I showed my Hubby and asked him if he could make one and he said Its HARDER than you think.So dont think that my kittes are going to get one soon.
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Simon and Elle are jealous!

Very cool idea!
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Thanks for the compliments guys !

Yep, it's harder than you'd think ! It's MUCH easier to work with regular lumber, and also much easier to cover a rectangular or square shelf than a roundy one. Hopefully this one will last a looooong time as I don't want to have to make another one anytime soon LOL! They headed for it immediately they were let out of our bedroom this morning (at the moment we shut them in with us at night as we don't want kittens getting into trouble when there's no one there to get them out!)
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It is a masterpiece.
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That is just GORGEOUS! I'm sure most of our cats would kill (a mouse) to get one like that! Wow!lol
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Very Nice
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Cindy...did you design the tree yourself or did you get the plans somewhere? How did you find the wood for the tree? It really is beautiful. I bet your kitties are loving the large perches. I would love to hear how your kittties reacted when you first let them use it. They are very lucky babies to have such a thoughtful mommy.
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Pretty much made it up as I went along (here's the story) We walked back in our woods (we've got 5 acres here, about 2/3 woods although we don't go back there much because it can be swampy and is absolutely covered in poison ivy) and discovered where Ivan had blown over our two huge swamp oaks . DH chainsawed off a couple of the branches for me. Pretty much had to design the shelves around the branches since no two are identical. When I went to put in the additional support I lucked up with a really weird branch section from a scrub pecan tree that I had DH cut down (tired of mowing around it.) That's the section that has a branch going off at almost a right angle to support the second shelf from the top I believe. I had thought I was going to have to put in a huge ugly brace on that particular shelf but now it's extremely sturdy.

After we let them out of the bedroom when we got done moving it from the den they went to it immediately, first pretty much cautiously sniffing. "Hello! This wasn't here earlier!" But it only took about ten minutes before they were climbing up the various levels although they still haven't quite figured out the best ways up and down. At the moment the tendency is to take a flying leap from whatever shelf they're on at the moment to the floor although I've designed it to be stair-steppable. Hopefully that behavior will stop as they figure it out (and before they get too big! )
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You were right! The CD would have slowed you down! It is gorgeous and so functionable!
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Cindy...thanks for sharing your RoseHawke's Aerie site. You are a very creative woman. I love your use of branches from fallen local trees. Girl...you are living the good life.
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Now THAT is one beautiful tree. I bet you are proud of yourself! Heck, I don't even know you and I'm proud of you! May I ask what you used for the 'shelves'?
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Never mind the shelf question. I just found your website about it. That tree is too cool! Thanks for sharing.
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WOW! That is an awesome tree ... I'll bet your cats are having the time of their lives on it...I know mine would be. Very cool.
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Thanks guys !
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fantastic job!!!
You are awesome! The kitties seem to really enjoy it. Can Juicy come over and play?
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As usual I am late posting a reply even though I read the post 2 days ago . I just wanted to say I love your cat tree. Do you plan on selling some , I don't think I could ever do that. What a great job.
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I love it!!! :-o Maybe I can get John to make something like that one of these days... lol
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Wow!! That’s impressive.
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It's amazing.... good job!!!
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That looks terrific, Cindy!
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Very nice!
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I absolutely LOVE your treehouse! I wish I was as creative as you!! Maybe I should buy one from you! My cats would go ballistic if they had a "playground" like that!
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