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Radio question of the day: 06/13/05

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What is the last compliment you paid someone?
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When I told Brendan a few hours ago that he's great at Spanish so he has nothing to worry about (talking about his grade in a class this summer)!
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I believe it was to my bf Will. I told him how nice he and his mom looked in a picture he took of the two of them together. Or, it might have been Sash since I compliment him everyday!
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I told my husband over dinner that he's hot. Does that count?

Other than that, I don't remember a specific comment, but I usually try to compliment several of my co-workers each day. One of them today was about how it sounded like they are a really good mom (her son is having some major behavioral issues and she's really handling it well).
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"You had some good hits out there." I was talking to a couple of my teammates in a softball practice I had yesterday.
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In a message I just sent to a friend telling her how wonderful she is in her career.
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When I told my friend David how cool his Ipod was!
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Telling my friends that their exhibition spaces look great!
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I told a woman she had beautiful hair.
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I told a friend that she was a fantastic hostess of parties.
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yesturday at work i told amy how good she was at decorating the cakes while she was showing me how to do the cakes OH YEA! i for got to tell ya im now learing to do the cakes i knew a little about the cakes but now im learning more if i can to this i will be able to go on more day shifts next spring i would love to be on the day shift!!
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The other day when I told Adrian how handsome he is... every time I tell him that he says "I'm handsome? Handsome like what? Like a cab?" LoL and then I say "Well, you're lookin a bit yella!" LoL
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I told Bradley this morning how cute he is when he cuddles with Cosette .
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This morning, when I told my daughter I'm proud of how smart she is & how I'm so happy she is such a great swimmer.

And I also told Hammie he's such a handsome little monster. He was giving me the dinner-plate sized lovey-eyes & rubbing my legs furiously!
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