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I'm a SuPeR CaT!!!!

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Hey everyone!! I made it to SuPeR CaT!!
Check out my new Avatar and Siggie!!! Cool huh!?!

For those of you who haven't heard... Malakai is living in New Jersey with my best friends parents because I just moved out to Long Island to live with my aunt and uncle... That's why I wrote the quote in my siggie... I saw him this weekend for a little while... He's mad at me for leaving him there... He hissed at me and scratched me when I picked him up... Adrian said that I need to give him time to get used to me again... but, I dont know how long it'll be before I can get my own place and bring him home... Hopefully it'll be soon because I'm afraid that he'll really be mad at me when I bring him home... *HuFF*
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Oh, how sad to have to live away from Malakai for a while! We had a cat in our family who lived in at least 3 different homes. First, she was my Mom and Dad's cat. Then when I got divorced, the kids and I moved in and she was basically our cat. Then she lived with my brother and his kids for a while, before going back to Mom and Dad. She finished off her life with Aunt Bethany, Mom's twin sister.

It was never a matter of having to get rid of her, my Mom never "got rid of" an animal in her life! Just other people needed her more sometimes.

Malakai will adjust. Congrats on being a supercat!
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