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Constipated kitten

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The last kitten to do a poo is in the process but can't quite manage it, I helped get a bit out but there is still some there, it looks like he is under pressure.. what can I do to relieve it??

Will I add veggie oil to the KMR solution to prevent this?
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Have you stimulated him to go poo? Keep trying with damp cotton wool, and I have no idea about the vegetable oil... waiting for someone more experienced then I am would probably be a good idea!
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Yeah I have been stimuating but nothing is happening other than weeing.
He is due for a feed now but I don't want to block him up :S

I read veggie oil helps avoid constipation but I don't know if it is true.. can anyone verify this?
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Have you discussed this with your vet? Kittens that are still being stimulated really should be assessed by a professional before administering anything even remotely akin to a laxative or stool softener.
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I'll give her a call.. I think I may need to go see her, I am hearing faint coughs from the basket occasionally.. not coughing fits, just single coughs.. but still.. they were with kittens who had cat flu...
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btw sorry forgot to mention, he relieved himself about 15 minutes after I posted.. quite a lot lol..
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