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Urgent prayers/vibes need for my poor Bella

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Hi all -- havent posted for a while - been busy with work/travel and Bella has been doing so great and very happy.
Bushe began vomiting this weekend off/on and sometimes really what seemed like dry heaving to me. She did cough up a hairball a few days ago, so I thought it was maybe that because her behavior hasnt changed -- still energetic and happy. She acts starving, but hasnt been able to keep much food down .. about 1/2 the time it comes back up in about 5 minutes.
She is at the vet now, and I thought he would just call w/ hairball news.. but instead he just called and wants to do some blood work. There are not hairballs, but some fluid in her intestines/stomach that he is wondering about. I am so scared that something is really wrong. She had surgery for IBD back in January but has been fit as a fiddle since then and doing so well. And her diet has been working wonderfully.
I am very worried.. so please any advice or prayers/vibes are appreciated. Dont know what I would do w/o my little fur baby.
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Hang in there, you both are in my thoughts and prayers
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You have my thoughts & prayers that your sweet furbaby's bloodwork will be OK & that everything will turn out fine.
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Wishing your girl all the best.
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thanks.. i will post as soon as the vet calls me back. i am trying to think positively that its nothing serious but an easy fix. it feels good to post here where everyone loves their little kittys like i do.
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I am praying for you, precious Bella! Please feel better soon!
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I hope everything turns out well and your Bella is just fine.
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I just sent up a prayer that all will be well with your Bella, and that whatever it is is easy to identify and even easier to treat. All our best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm sending healthy vibes to Bella and praying that it is nothing serious.
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The vet just called and blood tests say her intestines are irritated/inflamed and her protein counts and another count are off balance again. They are going to put her on fluids and take a stool sample and keep her overnight. I was so worried!! and asked if it was really serious.. He said not really serious but that he was concerned and wanted to know if I had given her anything that would have flared up her IBD.. which I havent. I did tell him that 2 wks ago I left her with my cousin (who is so responsible! and loves kittys) for 6 days while I was away. He wanted to know if Bella had eaten ANYTHING that wasnt her perscription diet. Maybe she got a bite of something off the floor?? I do let her lick my fingers for just the smells of what I ate, but he said absolutely NOT! oh dear.. I hope she isnt suffering for something I let happen.
I am normally sooooo uptight about her schedule and food and cleaning (I am a neatfreak) but maybe something got by me?? I am somewhat relieved though that its not life/death. I am supposed to call him in the morning.. sleep well, my sweet girl.
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Thank you for the update...I know you can't wait to get her home again, and I am glad your vet didn't feel it was really serious.
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You are a good Mommy. I don't think that you did anything to cause Bella's problem. Please know that lots of us are praying for her & let us know how she is doing tomorrow. I hope that you can get some sleep tonight.
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Jettafer, my prayers are with you. Bella's symptoms sound identical to the trouble my oldest lady, Pansy is having. She will be seeing the vet tomorrow, and I will keep you and your Bella in my thoughts. My little Bella sends purrs and headbutts, too.
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Thanks for all the prayers for my sweet girl. She was on IV fluids since couldnt eat since Monday but otherwise doing well. Blood tests showed high allergens and bacteria but that has since been treated, so now the Vet is investigating her food to see if the Hills w/d for some reason isnt being tolerated by her anymore. Does anyone have experience with IBD and what food has your kitty tolerated? Bella used to do great on w/d wet and dry but now the wet is making her vomit.

We found this out when I visited last night and brought her some wet w/d (at vet's request to get her to eat) and she sat right up when I popped the top of the can! she was soo happy to see me and had a few bites of it on a spoon from me. When I tried to leave she was so sad and pawed at the IV and wanted me to take her home. I could hardly bear it cuz she just wants her bed and to sleep w/o all this poking and proding and being left alone there. I talked to her and told her she could come home on Wed and finally she laid on my hand until she fell asleep and then I quietly left. A 1/2 hr later he called and said 'bad news.. she vomited all the wet food'. I was so upset!! But he said that at least we know that the wet isnt good for her anymore and now we can go to 'plan b' which is a barium test (?) which I guess is the liquid stuff so they can see whats going on inside and go from there.
I know she HATES this and just wants to come home, so please pray that the vet finds this easily, corrects it w/ either meds or diet and she can not feel too lonely or depressed. That is the most upsetting -- her being all alone and in pain..

It helps to know you all care and are praying. I will update when the Vet calls me today. Thank God he is a GREAT vet and is very gentle with her.
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I am so sorry Bella is still at the vets...fwiw, my Joshua (now RB) had IBD that only responded to Hills Z/D - which he was on for the last 3 years of his life. I also understand that the Z/D now comes in a canned version as well.

Best wishes to finding out what is wrong and getting Bella feeling better, and home with you soon.
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Thanks Pat & Alix -- I will mention that to my vet when we talk today. I am sure (hoping/praying) that he has good news and a treatment plan by this afternoon.
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I am praying for a quick solution to Bella's problem, so that she can go home ASAP.
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Just a quick update -- I am going to pick up Bella in a few minutes from the vet. He determined from all her tests, including another CBC, that she was allergic to her canned w/d food. He thought maybe it was one of the flavors, but whatever it was, every time she ate it lately, she threw up. She seems to be doing well on the dry w/d but doesnt like it very much so hadnt eaten it as of this morning. I am anxious to see when I pick her up if she has resigned herself to the dry food yet.
I am excited to get her cute butt home and sleeping in her own bed w/ her own stuff. Thanks for all the prayers -- from what the vet was saying, sounds like she will do fine. You guys are the greatest and Bella says thanks for all the sweet comments and prayers.
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Bella's coming home! Give her extra chin skritches from all of us.
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Just caught this thread now, so glad that Bella is doing better and is on her way home! Will send stay-well vibes to her!
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It sounds like you are a great and caring Meowmy, I don't think you did anything either.. Things like this can happen unexpected the most important thing is you have your girl in the vets and they will do what is needed. You get some rest and keep us posted..
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Way to go Bella I am so glad that you will be back in your living home.
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