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Bagpuss, Jake and I...

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would like to wish everyone and thier furry critters a very merry Christmas :bubbly: and we hope all your dreams and wishes come true for 2002.

Also Bagpuss and Jake are bugging me to say please pass on kitty kisses to everyone on the kitty site
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and the same to you and yours!

Cagney, Lily, and Rudy send a headbump amd a purr to Jake and Bagpuss...and you too of course!
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Glad to see you here again! Are you still in Dubai? How are you doing, and your family and cats?
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I was wondering about you when watching the news yesterday. Merry Christmas from Fred, Leo, George, Pearl and me!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me and Snowball!!
Snowball sends kittykisses right back to Jake and Bagpuss!!
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Hi Amanda

It's nice to see you back! Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year to you, Bagpuss and Jake also!

Major purrs from Opie, Murphy, Cash, Cary, Ninya, Elvis, Brown Brown, Sharky and Job :kitty5:

Love & Hugs,
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Yep Anne and Cat I am back been up to my eyeballs recently and having a few health proibs but getting sorted, and yes I am still in Dubai for the time being, although will be flying to England to see some specalists on December 26th.

How are things going with the baby Anne....not long now I am sure! I hope you are (and everyone else) are well and happy :o)
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I ache to visit the UK! I haven't been over in a year and a half and I miss it terribly!

With the baby due in less than 7 weeks, traveling anywhere is out of the question. It's a shame really as prices are so low right now. You can get the flight (both ways) + 5 nights in a decent hotel in London for as low as 400$! I guess it'll have to wait until next year...

We're doing just fine right now. My belly seems to be growing by the day and have a life of its own :d which it does in a sense The baby, who will be called Ron, is very active, kicking my poor bladder all the time I have gestational diabetes, but it's very much under control, so no worry there. Basically, we're getting ready, buying stuff and waiting.
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You are now in the final stretch towards home! What is baby's full name? I love the name Ron, it sounds so powerful. Here's to a quick and easy delivery in 7 weeks and counting!
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Anne that is really great about the baby...please send me your address as I would love to get something for the baby although it probably will not get there before the birth as I will have to take it to England with me to mail Take care of yourself and I cannot wait to see pictures of Ron
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