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hairless eye points...

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Hi all,

Lovey has always been thinning/bald along his two points (above the eyes) in a symmetrical fashion.
I presumed it was just the way his hair grew.

As he is longer/thick haired, it simply looks like silvery lines above both eyes.
However, I just looked at him this a.m and I am sure that the thinning hair is now down to the middle of his ears. You see, its hard to tell with him unless you look at him a certain way because of the thickness of his hair.
I have to hold him one way to see the thinning..
The weird thing is the hair kind of just stops perfectly symmetrical. Its not patchy at all, just perfectly ends (like a man going bald). I can see and feel his scalp which isn't red or scaly.

I looked up MaryAnne's skin disorder page and can't really see anything that matches the description (ie, being perfectly symmetrical along his points that would begin extending down to this ears)...
I am taking him to the Vet next Monday for a checkup so will ask them then..but does anyone have an idea?

He is NOT itching or shaking his head or scratching....

For those of you who don't know, We adopted a 1 year old stray about 2 weeks ago. But he was vet checked and received a clean bill of health.
With the exception of a few tussles, they get along well, grooming each other and eating beside each other famously!

I only noticed that the area had grown, however, after Rocky came to us. Though, I may just not have noticed the hair loss before.

Its like a light fuzz where hair should be.

Tx for any ideas
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Hi there!
My little Luna's got the exact same thing. I was worried about it for a bit, but then I looked closely at my other cat's head and she does seem to have a bit less hair there also, maybe it's just more obvious in some cats...Luna's hair is black and her skin is kinda pale, so it shows more. What are your cat's colors?
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He is the big grey in my sig...Its really thick soft grey hair though

You can see it in my sig pic actually if you look at the lighter looking area above his eye.
Yeah, maybe its just natural? Its so weird that I never noticed the extent of it before though..I will make sure I ask the vet.

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