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I Want To Give Thanks to....

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Osama bin Laden and his Taliban for making America stronger. I also like to thank the terrorists who changed everything! Before this event, I had my hopes set on getting a life time job with Delta Airlines. How I dreamed of working at the airport in the ticketing. How I loved to see the planes come in and take off. I love the sounds. But thanks to these jerks, my dreams have been shattered. I have to look for employment elsewhere. Where there is stability! I just hope we crush their dreams like they did me!
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Just a thought, but there will always be jobs in the Travel Industry as long as there are people who travel. No job is 100% secure , no matter what field of expertise you venture into. I'm sure things are a bit shakier now than they were before Sept 11, but I wouldn't leave it for dead just yet.
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Until we figure out how to teleport ourselves, there will always be a need for airlines, and their employees. It may take you longer to achieve your dream Nena, but by no means has your hope been shattered.

I've flown four times in the last 6 days, and the airports are filled with people. The truth of it is, there are always going to be people who need to get from point A to point B in a timely manner, and the only viable option is flying.

Don't give up Nena. You can still do it, but it may be 6 months farther down the road. Don't let anyone take your dreams away, especially since it's still attainable.
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There's no reason you cant still get a job with an airline, if you really want to. That is still a very attainable dream.

When you start thinking about how your dream was shattered, stop and think of all the people whose lives were shattered...whether by losing husbands, wives, parents, children, or friends...it helps put things in perspective.

I agree with Melissa and Colby, there is still quite a demand for airline employees...don't give up.
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Alicia, you can do whatever you set your mind too. Maybe it will take longer now because of the current situation, but if you truly want to work for an airline, then Go For It!!!
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I agree, I say Go for it!!! I know you would be great at it, and please don't let those horrible people ruin your dreams.
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