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Hello, All TCS members! I want to throw an impromptu e-party for Malakai 711, just to show her that she is so special to all of us here at TCS! Please help me make this fun for Liza!! I really need suggestions! (this in all online only - I can't really attend in person)) Here's my first thought -
LOCATION - Southern Mono County (Eastern High Sierra)
ACTIVITIES - Trail ride on mellow horses, followed by a long soak in the
hot tubs near Crowley Lake ( they're free, on public use land, clothing optional, we can hang out all night & watch the nighttime sky & visit, shoot handguns,wash the horses, etc., whatever, except for fireworks)
MENU - Chips & salsa; chicken & cheese enchiladas;Spanish rice; watermelon
DRINKS - ??? (besides lots of water)
What locations do you all suggest? Anyone make good Italian or Asian food? I feel really awkward doing this - hope you all can help out!! Susan P.S. 2nd thought on locationn - is Maui better?
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I vote for some drag racing!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
Anyone make good Italian or Asian food?
Martha Stewart ain't got nothin' on me, me an' Julia, we like 'dis ::crosses fingers::

I like to cook
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this sounds fun! what music does Malakai 711 want to hear?
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I make a killer pad thai shrimp May I also suggest lots and lots of ice cream??
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How SWEET of you to do this. That shows what a KIND and THOUGHTFUL person you are!!

Maybe arrange for a visit to a spa (1-2 hours long) for a well deserved massage of the whole body??

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Well after working at our Pizza joint for a few years, I make killer pizzas!
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Oh, if only I could win the CA state lottery!! I'd host a big TCS for-real party and we could all bring our favorite dish to share! So far, this shows that your cats have excellent judgment in choosing owners that are great cooks and know how to have fun. I forgot to tell Malakai 711 about this thread; I'm sending her a PM now. The drag racing sounds fun, and the full-body massage could be 1st place prize. Hey, I want a 1st place prize, too! Sounds sooo yummy!
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Italian or Asian,eh? Well, I make a pretty respectable lasagna when I get around to it. Love anything Asian, but haven't got deeply into doing it myself.
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So when's the party and where's our guest of honor, Liza?
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OMG! Hi!! I just got a chance to check out the thread! Susan this is so sweet of you! Your MENU sounds awesome.. those are all some of my favorite things! Amy, Pad Thai chicken is my favorite!!! and Fran, I'm italian so you can never go wrong with Lasagna!! hehe

Wow, you guys are so great... It's so funny how you hit on a lot of things I already like... my three favorite cuisines are Italian, Spanish and Asian... LoL

Brandon, drag racing sounds like fun.. How did you know that I'm a race car driver!??? LoL (Adrian calls me Mario Andretti cuz of the way I drive)

Christy... my tastes in music are very eclectic... I like a little of everything... Dave Matthews Band, Eminem, Linkin Park, DJ Precise, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon (the last three are only popular if you listen to reggaeton or spanish reggae)...

Is there anything I can do to help? I'm not used to being on the receiving end of something like this...
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