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Air travel with older cat? Risks? Advice?

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Hi, I just registered for this message board, and I am hoping that the catlovers here can help me with my problem!

I recently bought a house in NC with my fiance, and we would like to bring my 14 yr old calico cat from my mother's house in NH to my house here. She is really my cat, not my mom's, but I haven't lived anywhere since college that I could have her with me. Although she is 14, she is in excellent health, still likes to go out and hunt, and I think what with the distance between NH and NC, bringing her down here by airplane would be best- she does NOT like car travel, so the less time spent in travel for her, the better. I think she gets motion sick in the car on twisty roads.

She has always lived at my mom's in NH, although she has traveled between Maine and NH, (which is how i know that twisty roads make her sick and fretful) so I was wondering what folks think about relocating her at her age. Although I know that she is most comfortable at my mom's house, she is veryveryvery lonely and misses me greatly, although she is used to me being gone for months and months by now. I figure that if she moves to my new house, she will have lots of love and attention 24-7, and the really good thing about this house is that there is a fenced in backyard, so I could let her out while I was with here without having to worry about her running away or getting hit by a car- NH is very rural, so she isn't accustomed to trafficked roads or to cars.

What I had been thinking was that I might ask the vet to give her a mild tranquilizer to minimize the stress of the airplane flight, and bring her with me in the airplane cabin. She tends to cry and claw when she is put in the cat carrier, so I worry about the noise with the other passengers, and at her age, I am extremely reluctant to put her in the cargo hold.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

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My thoughts: I would personally travel by car with her instead of putting her on a plane.

But if you are working, how is she going to have company 24/7? Uprooting cats always causes problems, and if she has adjusted to you being gone, then what about you just starting over with another cat from the shelter nearest you? Changing routines, causes stress, travel causes stress, new environments cause stress and stress causes illness. I understand she is your cat and still will be when you go home, but uprooting her now unless your mom wants shut of her, doesn't make sense, not to me anyway-

If you do decide to bring her to your home here is an article to help you if you go by air

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Do NOT ship them in cargo. Never. No way. Period.
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