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Twitching tail.

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our cat oscar ever since we moeved him into the apratment has been walking around and twitching his tail like he wants to spray. he has been neutered now for 2 years. hes been in the apartment now for 2 months and continues to do it. he never did this at courtney's parents but he does it at the apartment. why would he still be doing this.
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You say he's twitching like he's going to spray, but does he actually do it? And if not, I'm not quite sure what you are worried about?
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how long have you had him? and you say you just moved into a new home? did they have a cat before you moved in? maybe if they did, their cat sprayed and your cat may be going through the motions without actualy doing the deed, in a way claiming that this place is now his. or may be stress. it takes cats longer to adjust to a new place. some of my cats flicker their tails when they get excited, it all depends on how he is doing the flicking.
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its a brand new apartment we moved him into. there were no animals there before at all. he only does it while he rubs up against something. im not really worried about it just curious as to why he is doing it.

i think it sjust kind of strange.
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I am not sure but I almost think its a behavioral thing. My cat Chucky has been fixed for 7 years or more, every time he goes out side he backs up to things and his tail flickers like crazy exactly like he is going to spray on it. I think he may think he can still mark territory since cats are territoral anyway. So I just think its just natural for them to do it even if they are fixed.. They are not harming anything LOL they just think they are marking something..
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I agree with DaiDreamer, it's a territorial behavior, one that isn't at all strange for a cat to be doing since cats are very territorial by nature. Oscar is just trying to make the apartment and its contents "his" by (pretend) marking. When his tail twitches and he rubs against furniture, walls, etc., even you, he's leaving his scent and claiming whatever he rubs against as his territory. Especially since the apartment is new to him (and cats are not big fans of change), he'll probably continue to do this to reassure himself and feel secure and comfortable there. Even cats who've lived in the same house for years will still leave their scent on wall corners and furniture.
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alright then. thanks for all your help.
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