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well hi there folks.....I had to put this post in - Bagpuss my 3 year old persian kitty went to the groomers yesterday for a hair cut and she looks just soooooooo cute, she has been given the lion cut....no hair on her body just her head, legs and tail have hair. It is just soooo adorable. Jake my other dat went beserk when she came back - obviously thinks she is another cat......it is totally amazing how thin she is undser all that fur...she is not under weight as she is just a really small cat - I actually do not think she has beveloped as well as she would have if she had a normal start to her life (some of you already know that I found her in the dumpster when she was 4 weeks old and she was really sick!)

I think she likes her new hair cut as she is walking around the flat all proud
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Awwww bless! that sounds sooo cute!! Got any pics of it?!!
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Yes a pic please - I never seen a kitty with a lion cut.
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I do have a couple of pics and I have been trying to attach them for ages but seems not to be working! Anyone wanna help me if I mail them to someone????
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I wish I could help you...I'd love to see!
But alas, I have to pester folks to post pics for me too, usually Bod or Cat (hint, hint )
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Amanda please send them to me and I'll be more than happy to post them for you! She sounds sooo cute! catus007@bellsouth.net
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(works every time! :LOL: )

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Hey No Fair!!! I wanna get kitty pics in MY mail!!! ha ha ha ha....just joking....glad you'll have them up soon!!!
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Oh Rhea...you asked for it! :laughing2

I'll have a new batch in about 4 days...be warned! :LOL:
(pics...not kitties!)
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Oooooooo Yipppeeeeee!!!! Can't wait!!! (Are you sure you can't spare a real kitty or two?!!)
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Where is the picture of the lion cut? I want to see it!!
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Cat has posted the pictures under a thread called Bagpuss In His New Do (although bagpuss is a little girl but never mind )
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Hi Amanda :angel2:

I originally posted Bacpuss's pics using "his" but about five minutes later I realized my mistake and I corrected it. My deepest apologies She is beautiful

Love & Hugs,
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I know cat.....everyone thinks Bagpuss is a he and Jake is a she :laughing: when in all honesty they are both its'
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:laughing2:laughing2 "It's"... touche Amanda!! :laughing2:laughing2

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