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They ate Bran-flakes!!!

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Guh!!! Just when Luna and Timine where starting to get better. (Their stools had started to get a *bit* more formed...thanks to the Low-Resisue food.
They acheive to knock the Bran-Flakes box out of the cupboard while I'm at work and I'm sure they ate some, they are such little pigs! Now they are back to diarrhea. Bran-flakes!! Out of everything in there! They pick the stuff that is sure to make them sick again! I would be very cross with them if they weren't so cute.
Now, that happenned on Friday, and I watched them carefully over the weekend....Timine, the slightly older one looks like he is getting better again...loosely formed stools, but Luna (2 months and a half) still has diarrhea....could it be because she is way smaller and it takes more time to come back? Or maybe she ate more of the stuff?? All I know is that I keep finding tiny drops of poo on the floor whenever she gets too exited or jumps on something...*sigh* and I thought it was over....

Oh....another thing..is anyone familiar with this Low-Residue food by Eukaneuba? It says on the bag, 1/4 cup *per day* for a 4lbs cat and that seems like such a tiny quantity. My kittens are not over 3 lbs and they cry for more and eat like desperate little things when I give them some....
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I have noticed that the recommended amount of food is more for kittens than for cats. The food you are feeding is adult cat food I think and it would recommend the amount for a cat and not a kitten that is growing. You should call your vet and ask them how much to feed. It is probably more than what you are feeding now, especially since they are less than 4 months.
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Lily, I don't know the history behind these kittens but have parasites been ruled out?
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Yes! Everything the vets know about have been ruled out! Worms, Giardia, Coccidia, etc... They are as desperate as I am....In fact, the cats' entire medical history is posted in this forum...scattered about.lol Everytime I gave them a new med and it didn't work I came and wined here. People are very helpful.:P
I'll talk to my vet about quantity....
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I have a little girl-kitty who likes to get into things that are inappropriate for her and make her stomach upset ... she is horrible about it! What works for us and may also work for you is this:

Boil 1 boneless, skinless chicken breast in water, no salt, no oil, no seasonings - reserve the broth.

Boil 1 cup long-cooking rice in the broth used to boil chicken

Allow chicken to thoroughly cool and then cut into very small pieces

Allow the rice to cool thoroughly and mix with the chicken. Place the chicken/rice mixture into the blender or food processor with a little of the broth used to boil the chicken. Process until goopy but don't let it get runny. You want it to be a thick, sticky consistancy.

Give your kitties about a quarter cup of this mixture twice per day until the diarrhea subsides.

Best of luck,

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Thanks! I've tried this numerous times but their condition is more serious then just what the Bran-Flakes, unfortunately.
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If it is an ongoing problem then I would suggest you make the chicken/rice mixture an ongoing part of their diet. If the vet has exhausted every possibility of illness or parasites, then the only thing left is dietary indiscretion - what do you feed them?
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The vets said it couldn't be it...I've feeding them vet-recommended food since the start to rule that out. You know, the kind for gastro-intestinal problems...and now I'm just starting to switch to Eukaneuba's Low-Residue, suggested by my vet...
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I had a cat break into the chocolate chip cookies while I slept once. A few nights ago he put his head in an empty ice cream container and ended up with sticky stuff all over his ears! They do love to find the things that aren't good for them. Has your vet tried the one carbohydrate-one protein diets made by IVD? It's possible this is caused by food allergies, and using a new protein source (like venison, rabbit or duck) and a new carbohydrate (like green pea) can help if that is the case. If the Eukanuba doesn't help, you might ask your vet about this.
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Yes, I sure will, thanks! Where do you people get all that knowledge from? Are amny of you breeders?
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