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Delivery need help pleaseeeeeeeee

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hi all,
I need your help, i am desparte .
my cat (my girl, my love) she is 6 years old ,she is pregnant and about time to have babies.
yesterday she starting crying like crazy and stayed in bed with me and wanted to hide under my blanket inside my clothes, she wouldn't let me away from her eye sight.
everything till now is normal i knew its about time and she has 3 nice places to choose which one to have her babies in.
The problem is that 6 hours ago she discharged lots of semi colourless water on my bed and also left brownish stains every where and since then no babies are coming and she has this thing sticking out from her .... something like a very thin amblical cord (i guess)
till now she is moving all over the house and crying
i ve no idea what to do ,i called 2 vets and both gave me stupid answers
i am in egypt and we don't have much health care when it comes to pets
please help me i am afraid of loosing my precious baby.
email me at
many thanks
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Take her in to see the vet now. It is my opinion that this isn't normal and she needs medical attention.
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I called the 2 vets available out here and i already have more knowledge than both of them from my readings about cats.
one of them was really not even interested in hearing me and hardly asked me any questions, he told me to leave her another 24 hours.
the other one told me to feed her very very well so that the food in her tummy would help in pushing the kittens !!!
non sense i know better than this, cats stop eating before delivery and they will never eat during delivery, not a sip of water.
that's why i posted on this forum i can't find help around here i have to figure out myself what to do
pray for my cat
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Unfortunately you do not have many options here. Your cat needs to be seen and evaluated. At six years old, she has more than likely been pregnant multiple times and this is very hard on a female. The longer you allow her to continue having kittens, the greater the risk to her health. I understand that you are from a country that looks at this issue differently than say, we in the United States do, but the cats are the same world-wide, and allowing them to have more than one litter, again increases the risks of something going wrong.

Is there a cat breeder in your area? If the vets are not willing to help you- even if you show up at their doorstep- perhaps a breeder will be able to assist you? This is the only one I could find and I have no idea about what type of breeding program she runs-

I wish you luck for you and your cat-
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i would tell the vet if i was you that your paying them so you need your cat seen to straight away.

i would also stress to your vet about your concrens about the cord hanging out and she might need a c section
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right phone a vet and she said could it be your cats had the kitten some where and THE PLACENTA is still in there as some times the cord does hand out

so to see this if its a lose thread the could be she had a kitten but if its double over my vet said to take her vet
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Many Thanks to you all for replying, i finally called a vet who gave me a logic solution which is to give her a shot to fasten the delivery.
after we got home she started delivery
first a relativley big dead kitten with its back it was very hard and then a second dead kitten with its head, my cat was not even able to stand on its feet .
the head appeared and thats it,i was begging her to push to let it out and i was pulling at that moment i saw my girl fading i prayed so hard for her to be saved.
Thank GOD i managed to pull it and after that she start breathing normally and few minutes later i gave her warm milk and she ate a little.
this morning i found another dead kitten smaller than the first two ones.

i really love kittens they bring joy to my life but nothing really worth loosing my girl, she will be fine .

Now i am not sure if there are more kittens, her tummy still bigger than normal and she is not completly herself.

As i said here there are no much VETs and i am lucky to find a VET who had a clinic, i know it seems unusual to you but thank GOD i found one who helped.

Now i have to find out is there any kittens left inside her, and don't say
X-rays because for pets this is beyond imagination here

any ideas how to know if there are kitten left inside??
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Sorry to hear she lost the babies!
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I know how it is, trying to find people to help in a culture that can't see cats as anything but vermin. I would keep your cat in a warm place and quiet to let her recover, and see how her tummy is in a day or so. You might bneed the vet to feel it after that if there seems to be a problem. But I hope all is well and that she pulls through OK. Can you get her spayed to prevent it happening again?
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cup your hand on her belly and feel for unusally lumps

well thats what i do
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Take her back to the vet. They can do a spay surgery, and if there are any dead babies left inside, they will be removed. I doubt they will try to save any live kittens, but it may save your cats life. What a sad situation!
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Please get this mom cat to a clinic and get her spayed. From what you report, even if she has kittens inside of there chances are good they are not alive. If you love your cat, regardless of how much you love kittens, get her spayed! If she does have a kitten inside of her and starts to absorb it anything can happen,.
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How difficult it must be a devoted cat person and not be able to obtain even the most basic of vet care. My heart goes out to you in your plight.

I will add my vote to the others to go ahead and seek the spay surgery as soon as possible for your girl. I just hope you can find someone reputable and skilled to do it for you.
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thank you all , nonna (my cat) seems better now though she is still quite restless and i found drops of blood on the carpet today.
i discussed the spay surgeory with the vet and he advised me to do it to the male cat not to her as it is easier to do it to the male reather than the female but he is young and she is the one who needs it to be done.
the problem is i don't trust the medical care here
(if you can call it medical care to begin with)
i wanted to do this suregeory to her long ago but couldn't trust anyone to do it.
I felt her tummy several times and didn't feel any movment or any lumps but she is a big cat and it is hard to be sure.
I just don't want her to take that shot again she was suffering terribly after and this is what the VET is going to do (i am not even sure if that shot is specific for cats or not)
I will wait till end of the day and if take her to the vet clinic again today (if you can call it a clinic) .
Thank you all for your replies i don't know how to add her photo to the reply as i want you all to see her.
Pray for her
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i really hope you can convince your vet to do the surgery for her, not only can having multiple pregnancies cause health problems, there is also a higher risk of loads of other illnesses - you might want to mention your concern about some of them to him, it might help. Getting the male done when he is old enough is also a good idea.
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