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Question For All You Folks From the UK...

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...I'm going to be visiting!!! More specifically, my family is going to be participating in a music festival in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. My husband is especially concerned that we will commit some sort of faux pas with our clothing. Like maybe we aren't supposed to wear jeans or something. I was wondering if there were any tips anyone could give me so that we wouldn't stand out too horribly (as long as we don't open our mouths, LOL!)

Oh, and we'll be staying in Shrewsbury for about 5 days and London for 3. Any must-see places? I'm quite excited, except for the flight over. I could definitely do without that.

TIA! - Kim.
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Hi Kim!

No tips for you as I haven't been there. Have a good time!
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I am from NY and have lived in Scotland for 6 years now. I do not see much difference in styles of dressing here or in the states. There are places just like in the states that do not allow jeans. My staple wardrobe is jeans and sneakers. You can tell the tourists here when they wear plaid pants. My hubby told me about the plaid pants,but did not believe him until I saw them-lol. You will just have to get use to the differences in what items are called here.
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I don't think there are any rules here. I walk round dressed like Marilyn Manson so you've nothing to worry about!! A lot of people wear just simple jeans and t-shirts, trainers. Not many wear sandles with socks LOL.
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Shrewsbury is quite nice, but if you get the time Chester is well worth a visit. It has some very nice town walls and some top shopping. If you enjoy industrial architecture then the Iron Brodge Gorge is well worth a visit. Hawkstone park has some fantastic follies.
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Shem! Socks and sandals! I forgot about that!

Yes, if you get a chance to visit Chester, you really should! If you have a look for my part in the Vacation thread, you'll see quite a bit of Chester!

As for dress, there are no specific rules! I would just recommend that you don't walk around with your camera on show! It shows that you aren't from that area/country!

I hope you'll have a wonderful time in the UK! I hope the weather improves for you!
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if you dont want to look like a tourist avoid baseball caps, anything with usa or any american teams on it, socks with sandels, backpacks, or bumbags (think you call them fanny packs! lol)

sarah the weathers lovely here in london, you'll have to come down and sun bathe!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
sarah the weathers lovely here in london, you'll have to come down and sun bathe!
I certianly will!!! It was nice here - but now we're back to the usual Manchester rain
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Totally agree with Maveric and Sar..
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LOL! Socks with sandals! I'll remember that one.

We were also told not to wear shorts. I'm thinking "Shorts! This is England! It's not THAT warm." As a matter of fact, I think we're going to have to buy umbrellas. Living in the American West, I kind of make it a point to not "need" an umbrella!

Thanks for everything - oh and I think we'll visit Wales as well. Apparently I have lots of ancestors all over the place over there. My mom keeps coming up with cemeteries for me to visit!
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If you're travelling down south at all, I recommend the city of Bath for a look round, very old buildings, very historic and very pretty! There's also Stonehenge, although that may be too much of a trek south for you!

If you're in Wales I'd also recommend a look round Cardiff, only been there a few times myself but again it's steeped in history and is a very nice clean city (if you ignore the million or so university students!)

Of course there's all the usual London tourists spots like Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museam, Millenium Wheel, Harrods, Tower Bridge, Madam Tussauds.......

Have a great time
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