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I'm Back!!!!

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Hello there fellow cat people - well I have been soooooo darn busy at wotk that I have not had the chance to get ontp the cat site at all....I am sooooo frazzeled with everything at the office. I have also been having a few health concerns and will be travelling to England 26th December to go and see some specialists so being in and out of doctors offices here has also been taking loads of time!

Hissy I got your pm yep I am here.....sorry I missed out on so much I guess I have a load of reading to catch up with.

I am frantically trying to organise my mag before I go away and I have been helping out on the other mags, I hjave even taken a hand a writting articles and since I did my first on in the December issue I have been asked left right and centre to write other articles. I will try and not stay offline for long periods of time.

I hope everyone is all okay.
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YEY!! Welcome back Amanda!!! its great to see you again! Sorry to hear you're having health problems though.....which part of England are you coming to love?!! Anywhere near me?!!!
Good to see you are back and doing well!! Epecially with your Mag articles!
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Oh well, I meant what I said in the post above this one (at least it was above, now it's below) welcome back Amanda nice to see you!
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hey there hissy I saw you post in another thread and thought I would relpy to it here. I am still riding each morning, my horse is doing so well. Actually we are supposed to be competing in our first 45km endurance qualifier next Thursday. so that will be a lot of fun. Not too much has been happening here much other than work and and riding so seems that I really have very little to report!
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Amanda! It is good to see you back!
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