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Nursing Question

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My cat had four kittens nine days ago. All of them are gaining weight and appear to be healthy. They all have their eyes completely open and they all crawl alot. I noticed that my cat only feeds three at once, one kitten is always left aside. I do not think that it is the same kitten because they are all of almost equal weitht. (They are siamese so it is very hard to tell them apart before their point come.) It seems to me that only one side of her is producing milk, but she alternates on each side each feeding. Do both sides are producing but not simultaniously. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stimulate more milk production? I have tried to feed her dry KMR, but she does not like it. I have not bottle fed the kittens at all because they have all have been gaining about 10 grams a day.
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Meghan, the kitten that is left aside, is it crying and trying to break into the pack for position or how does that one behave while the others are nursing?

Do you notice any redness or other unusual appearance to the queen's nipples? Does she push away the kitten left aside or does he just not go to nurse?
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Perhaps you could try something from the health shops, called 'Milk flow' it is for humans but it works wonderfully on cats, always ask your vet first though!
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The kitten usually tries to push the others out of the way. After awhile Sarah just takes it away and starts licking it. I think that it might be a different kitten each time. I am having trouble telling them apart.
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what you can do, is take some food coloring and color a tiny spot on a kitty's ear. Use a q-tip to put the mark on. That way you can find out if it is the same kitten, and if it is then you will need to bottle feed to supplement it. Just put a tiny dot, it will wear off in time-
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