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Acuvue Contacts lenses??

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Does anyone wear the new Acuvue astigmatism contacts? I have an appointment tomorrow and i want to try them since i dont wear my glasses outside of the house and my vision is a lot worse without the astigmatism correction. Since im starting my new job next week and will be staring at a computer 24/7 i want to be able to see as well as i can... mom said the doctor will probably want to get me a pair to try out but they will take a week to get in and then she'll want to do a check up and then oder my other ones.. im on my last pair now of regular acuvue with hyroclear and have been for about a month and theyre really starting to bother me! plus i wont have time to go back in since theyre no open when im off of work! Sooo My question is does anyone have them and do they feel different than regular contacts? lol
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I tried toric (same thing? they were supposed to correct my astigmatism)lenses a couple of years ago. I tried them for about 5 days but i couldn't get used to them. I found my depth perception really unreliable and driving was a little scary! I ended up going back to the regular contacts and they work great for the most part- it's just reading that gets a little tricky.
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thats why im questioning people.. my boyfriend tried a different pair too and didn't like them but acuvue is supposed to be using some new technology that makes them better and more comfortable... :-\\
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I wondered about those too. I wore Acuvue 2 for a very short time, they drove me nuts. I ordered the Acuvue Advance a couple months ago, but I hardly wear them for the same reason. I don't know if I can take them back or not, since it's been over a month. I saw the commercial for the astigmatism (sp?) contact and thought maybe that was my problem. I have astigmatism too, although I didn't have it when I was a teenager and wore contacts almost exclusively (and had no problems then). If you try them let us know how they work. I thought about seeing if I could return my unopened boxes to Sears and trying those new ones.
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I have the acuvue advance with hydroclear right now and i LOVE them! I just can't see 100% lol my left eye is blurry and it drives me NUTS... I really hope it can be fixed. If these contacts are good I will be sooo happy! Maybe someone that has them will read this... lol
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Yeah- the Advance contacts are comfy, unless my allergies are particularly bad that day- I just get blurry a lot and they move around I think.
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I have the Advance Toric with Hydroclear and they are really great. I haven't had any problems with them.
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Welll i had my appointment today and she said my astigmatism isn't bad enough to get these contacts and its only in my left eye so the right would be goofy then.. lol BUT the good news is that since Ive started using the advance with hydroclear a year ago theyev helped my eyes so much that my vision IMPROVED and thats why ive been so blurry lately! Sooo she gave me a trial of a smaller flatter contact to try out and thats what i have in now and a pair of the slightly bigger ones i had before so I can see which ones feel better for the next time i order... its only a difference of .4 in diameter so i dont feel any difference right now.. i may try one in one eye, one in the other later lol bad news is my dad got squeezed in while we were there and found out he has cataracts :-\\ could this week get any worse for him!? he's so upset now.. he has to go see a specialist about surgery..
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