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Do your cats do tricks??

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Really this post is here because I would like some advice/opinions on what else I should teach my cat elliot..

he already knows Come, sit, up( sit on haunches), round, shake, lie down, fetch, up(as in, come up here), down, and rollover we are working on...

next I want to teach him "high five" and then I think I will teach him "jump" to jump over a stick/through hoops...

no, the tricks dont have a show purpose.. he just enjoys doing the tricks for me for treats..

aerowyn is a hopeless cause.. mostly because she wont eat the cat treats.... and she has like a short attention span

I went on google but I couldnt find any other tricks other than what I have taught him...

has anyone else taught their cats tricks???

what did you teach them???

anyone know any other tricks I could try to teach elliot?
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Haven't taught my kitties any tricks, though they have taught me quite a few!!!
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Actually Ricky and Chucky fetch and Chucky knows what I mean when I say " Go out side" He runs to the drawer where his leash is and meows like crazy. He gets up on his hind legs for me to put the collar on. As for other things nope - I think it is amazing when people take the time and have the time to train cats. It shows the people out that it can be done because most people say "Cats can't be trained".

So hats off to you and you wonderful kitty
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Spaz knows come, sit, lie down.
She used to play table tennis quite well as a youngster, she doesn't care to bother with it anymore.
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my one kitten Kai, knew how to sit, lie down, crawl, fetch, jump thru/over things.
"talk", play dead, "fight", give kisses, dance, roll over, i think he knew a few more, he was gonna be a tv star (lol, we were getting ready for our first auditions), but we didnt know he had cancer, and he passed away. he was only 6 months old, very had a smarter kitty!
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I'm in the process of teaching Limerick to "come" when he is called. But he does know "Sit" and "speak", He learned those 2 at the same time. Be patient, it takes a while, but it pays off in the end
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I don't teach my cats tricks.
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Dinah comes to me when i call his name. That is good enough for me!!!
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