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heat or something more?

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I hope i'm posting this in the right section i'm really sorry if i'm not.

I'm worried about my brother's cat. He's gone away for a few months and left me to take care of her. I've only had her about two weeks but for the last few days she's been acting strangely.

Yowling, suddenly hates me, constantly rubbing her head against something. If that was it i'd put it down to heat but she also has this clear discharge from her valva that seems to be very painful.

If i had an open vet in my area i'd take her but i don't. Is it something i need worry about?
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cammie....I know there are a couple of vet techs who post here....not sure if either is online right now. Is there a emergency vet clinic that you can call and ask if this is something that requires immediate attention?? Also....do you know if your brother's cat has been spayed?

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Is it "the heat" or is it "in heat" that you meant?

In any case, the discharge worries me. Please call a vet first thing in the morning.
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I agree call a vet first chance you get.
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I think she's in Heat. That discharge is normal when they are in heat. Obviously she hasn't been fixed. I don't know if you're brother would give you permission to have her fixed, but if not, you are going to be going through a lot of yowling and male cats trying to get in to get to her, not to mention her trying to get out to be with a male.
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Yup, it definitily sounds as though she is in heat. You should get her desexed asap.
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thank you so much for the replies guys I'm pretty sure she hasn't been fixed I'll be sure to thank my brother

I'll call the vet this morning to see what i can do.
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