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Some of my babies!

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I have to get more pics. But here are just a few of our furry family. Binx, Kiku, Sarabi, Sassy, & Storm
I don't have pics of Miracle, Egypt, Tabby, Troubles, Madeline, Joy, or Salem
**Update found some more lol they were hiding in the puter
I have Madeline, Troubles(mom to Binx, Sarabi, Kiku, Miracle, Joy, and Salem)and Tabby still missing pics of Egypt Joy and Salem and possibly a Mau Mix that I'm still waiting to hear about adopting.
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Cool pics. Are they all from the same litter?
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Troubles and Storm were brother and sister strays from the barn next door. From Troubles came Miracle (three legs) Joy and Salem her first litter, and Kiku Sarabi and Binx are her second, and she is to be spayed here reaaaaal soon. Sassy and Madeline (Mad Lion) are sisters from Tabby's litter. Egypt just came to us one day. My five black ones are,, Salem, Storm, Sassy, Joy, and Troubles.
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Aww, how cute!
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Awwww, cuties!!!!
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That is one colorful litter! The rest of your kitties are beautiful, too!
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That Stormy of yours is beautiful! Just look at those eyes!
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Awwwww! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing baby kitty pics!
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... what a beutiful!!! ...
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Wow! What a bundle of lovely kitties. You've certainly got your hands full there!
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AWWW, I think there cute.. The momma kitty is beautiful..
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