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Looking for roomates... any advice?

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ok... here's the situation. I will be moving to Montreal in September and going back to school.
I have some money saved up and I could probably afford to live by myself but I'm considering living with roommates so I can save some money for a trip after I finish my degree.

Problem is, I have two cats and a rat. I'm assuming that most people will be hesitant to take someone in to share their apartment with all those pets. I don't have the option of getting an apartment myself and finding people to move in with me because I'm out of town and I wont be able to move to Montreal until September.

I looked at ads online and most people either don't want pets or they already have their own pets and don't want to add any more.

Does anyone have any advice on how to find a suitable place of me and my pets?
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why dont YOU find a larger place to rent, and (if the landlord agrees) YOU can place ads for roommates who wouldnt mind sharing a house with you, your cats, and your rat
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well, it would be difficult for me to do because I live 7 hours away from Montreal right now. I will only be moving there in September.

I could find a big place, move and then look for roommates but that would put me past September 1st, which is when most people are looking for a place to stay.
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Maybe you could post your own ad, explaining what kind of situation you are looking for. Someone that my not have thought about whether they want pets may see it.
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I agree that you should make up a flyer stating that you're looking for a place to live. Many people are looking for roommates and I know that plenty of people over here at UCF find their roommates this way.
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thanks for the advice.

I did post an ad on the university's website.

maybe I'll make a flyer as well and ask my parents to stop by the campus and put it up.

or maybe I'll just end up living by myself. Some parts of Montreal are really cheap, especially near where my grandparents live (I would love to see them more often)

I'll just see how things turn out.
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Rent.com has a roommate finder, although I don't know if you have access to that in Canada or not. It might be an option. Plus, if you mention that you found an apartment through them and sign a lease you get $100. I'm looking foward to my $100 dollars when I move in August
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Yes. Don't rent the movie "Shallow Grave" you'll never want a room mate again! (shudders)
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Also, don't rent Single White Female!
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Is there any way you can post on the bulletin boards around the University, especially the dorm area or any area where incoming students might easily see it.
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