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Eyes Opening?

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Is there anyway i can speed it up they are almost open you can see them like crack or something

P.S. I heard you can use a cotton ball or something.
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Why do you want to speed them up?
Just let it happen
You might damage their little eyes
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You didn't mention how the age of your kittens but you really should not force their eyes open.

If they had an eye crust or eye infection, I would use a damp warm washcloth or cotton balls...make sure washcloth is soft and gently wipe...don't rub.

Is the mother cleaning them? She should be licking their little faces including their eyes which will help them open up.
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I know how you want to help them but it is much better to let nature take its course. You could do terrible damage if you don't know what you are doing. If it looks like any of them have infected eyes with pus or stickiness then take them to the vet. Eyes are far too precious to mess about with.
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As they have said forcing them open is a no-no. Let nature take its course, otherwise you will damage those fragile eyes.
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Leave those eyes alone! No, seriously, you should absolutely not do anything to the eyes. The eyes will open when they are ready.
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ok i just wanted to see their little blue eyes they are 8 days old
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eight days??? Wow! It took fourteen days for Aerowyn and her siblings to open up their eyes I cant believe some people got to see their kittens pretty little eyes in a week or so!

Have fun with your kittens
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mine was 5 days, he was a gifted child! lol
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no theyre eyes aernt open yet but theyre eight days old lol
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What kind of cat do you have? My Siamese queen just had kittens nine days ago. One of my kittens opened their eyes at two days old. At nine days they all have their eyes completely open. I think that eye opening depends of many factors. Dark reared kittens open their eyes before light reared kittens. I believe that I have read that siamese open their eyes earlier than other breeds.
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she is a tabby
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Originally Posted by Logan18
ok i just wanted to see their little blue eyes they are 8 days old
You got to have patience. You don't want to damage their eyes, do you? Leave it alone and they will open soon enough.
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my whitie weighs 10oz and she is 9 days old is that normal?
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