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TARA is home :-)

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Hello Everyone,
I wanted to tell you all about TARA . We went to collect her around 11:30am and we were so excited. When we were outside the house I was so excited I couldn't wait to ring that door bell...although I knew it was going to be hard for her brother and sister and our lovely breeder. We came in and saw lots of gorgeous cats, we said a quick hello to her gorgeous brother and sister and all the other cats. Our breeder talked us over the paper work and what she liked to eat etc. And then it was time to go, so I asked the breeder if she wanted to say Goodbye which she did and passed Tara to her. She spoke to Tara and gave her some cuddles and then sadly put her in her traveling box. We left pretty soon after and went to the car loaded with Tara, Cat Litter and a bag of goodies for Tara.

We were told Tara wasn't too good in car journeys so we kept talking to her to reassure her. Also after about 10 minutes of driving me stopped at MC Donalds and got ourselves a drink (it was a very hot day) and then parked in the car park. We opened the windows in the car to keep in cool and then turned around and took Tara out. She really liked this and just came and had a cuddle with us. That seemed to settle her a little as all this was very new to her. She was so sweet and the public walking around would stop and go 'awwwww'. After our drinks we sadly put her back in her box and continued to drive home. She was ok making the odd squeak to and there.

We got home and went to settle her up in our room. When we let her out we gave her a cuddle to reasure her it was ok. She had a little wonder around the place and then wanted to be cuddled. As me and D (my fiance) were very tired due to an early start we picked her up and went to lay down. She settled down in my arms, it was like I was carrying her like a baby. She was just so cute and sweet and her face close up is gorgeous. I felt so happy as she snuggled down in my arms and slept. It was like she was my baby...and I needed that very much. To me my cats are my babies and she was being such a baby girl. I drifted off to sleep and so did D. After a while Tara wiggled out of my arms and went exploring and then found a nice place to sleep. It was by the radiator, on the wool rug and she was sunning herself as there was a window above. She settled there for a few hours and slept. It was so cute and I did try and take a few photo's.

I woke up first and went downstairs to do her some food that she loved. She loves Colley (Fish), just like Molly and Huggy do. So i did a big match for all three of them and did some Tuna for Eviecat (who hates colley). I felt like a right mom, and it was so nice. Its something I've wanted for so long, especially with the loss of our own children. Eviecat and Molly tucked into there food and gave me a little bit of love, and I took the rest of the colley up to Huggy and Tara. I put the colley in Huggy's room and him being a pig started eating it fast. I then went back to the bedroom and put some out for Tara. I went to see her as she was sleeping in her favourite place she had found (under the window) and gave her a cuddle, showed her again where her litter tray was and then showed her, her food. She had a little look but wasn't interested, I think its because all of this is so new and it was all a little to much. She just wondered around and then went back to sleep in her place. And that's where she is right now and she is looking so cute.

I so wish you all could see her, she is the sweetest little girl and is still very small. The photo's make her look big but she's not she is even smaller than Molly. She has quite a bit of fluff on her but is still small. She really is so adoreable and we love her so much. Its so easy to get attached straight away, and to me she is my baby girl.

I sometimes can't help looking at this and wishing when we got Huggy it had been the same, it does upset me a lot. But Huggy was just so bad it was impossible. So I feel very cheated but I am glad its not happening all over again. As I hate finding it so hard to bond with him, I just want everything to be Ok.

We have both been spending a lot of time with her since we got home and she is settling in well. It will be good when she actually eats something though and uses her litter box. She has had a little sniff of the food and we';ve been showing her how to use her litter box so hopefully everything will be ok.

Huggy and Tara are going to the vets tomorrow evening so that should be fun (Huggy is terrified of them and Tara...well not so sure). Huggy is going for a booster Jab and Tara is going for a kitten health check to make sure all is ok.

I will try and get some photo's of her up in the next few days, there is a post in the photo section with lots of photo's of her from birth to only a few days ago.

I am just so happy, we both are. And she really is a lovely little girl

Hope you all enjoyed hearing all about it and I'll keep you updated.

Eva xxx
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Congratulations Eva!

Have fun with your new little girl! I look forward to seeing more pictures of the gorgeous baby!
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Congrats! YAY! Tara is such a cutie! I loved looking at her pictures from before! Can't wait to see more!!!
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Congratulations Eva Tara is such a beauty and she is no doubt going to be very well-loved .
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Your kitten is beautiful I love big cats. I have a Ragdoll and a Bengal. If I had space would love a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest. Do norwegians have ear tufts like maine coons?
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Originally Posted by Bullit
Your kitten is beautiful I love big cats. I have a Ragdoll and a Bengal. If I had space would love a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest. Do norwegians have ear tufts like maine coons?
I haven't got a clue.... sorry.
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Congratulations! Tara is beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Bullit
Your kitten is beautiful I love big cats. I have a Ragdoll and a Bengal. If I had space would love a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest. Do norwegians have ear tufts like maine coons?

My NFC gets tufts only when in her winter fuzziness.
She keeps her furry insulated toes year round.
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She is so adorable. I'm so happy for you
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I recognise that cat mmm in fact i recognise them all. My god there mine and i have Tara on my bed. Hee Hee.
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How exciting! I'm sure Tara is very happy with her new home, siblings, and Meowmy. She's beautful.
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I can hardly wait to see new photos of your little Tara.
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Hurray, Tara's home!Welcome to the family, precious little girl!
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Originally Posted by Bullit
Do norwegians have ear tufts like maine coons?
Well I can't speak for all Norwegian Forest Cats but our little Tara does and its so cute So now I have 2 cats with those cute ear tufts, Tara and Huggy.

Thanks for all your lovely replies, it means more than the world to me Tara is settling in very well and is a truly lovely little girl. She loves to play with mice and also those sticks with things on the end...she goes mad for them! The kinda bad you get to a point where you have to hide it before she destroys it....bless her!

We went to the vets yesterday and both Huggy and Tara are fine. Huggy didn't like the vets but he never has since his bits were taken out. And Tara didn't seem to like it that much either but I just rocked her in my arms to calm her down and that seemed to work. Our vet was vfery impressed with Tara and her paperwork with everything on it from the dates she had her jabs to literally everything. She did say 'wow I wish all breeders were like this'. I think She liked Tara, but who wouldn't as she is just so cute

I will upload some of her photo's today and get them posted as soon as I can. Right now Tara is wanting a lot of my attention and I am having to split myself between her and my other cats. I also have some video's of Tara but right now I am finding it hard to find somewhere to host them...but if I ever get it sorted I'll let you know!

Thanks again and I'll keep in touch

Eva x
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That is great news...
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