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Desperately Seeking Home (WV)

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Due to major family issues we must get rid of our beloved cat.

He's about four years old now (born in March), fixed so he cannot have any kittens, and still with all of his claws. He's a bit on the heavy side at the moment. He is a -very- lazy cat and will just lay all day. He's fine with children and other pets. He's had all his shots.
His name is Garfield (Garf for short) and responds to it well. He is orange with dark orange stripes. He's a very beautiful cat.
He'd make a perfect lap cat. He's an inside cat and cannot ever be outdoors as there is no way he could survive now (hasn't been outside since a very young kitten). You can even leave the door open in front of him and he will not leave the safety of the house.
We're not asking anything for him. Just a good, loving home. He'll come with some food and litter. I cannot travel - I'm sorry. We need to find him a home ASAP. So, please, if you think you can help then help.

We're located in Williamson, WV. About 1.5 hours from Charleston and -right- on the border to KY.
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Although my site is geared towards Virginia....you can go here:


There are suggestions of other places you can post.

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Oh, I have an orange Garfield who is so sweet. I have heard that is the norm for these orange boys. I hope your Garfield can find a new home!
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