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Hi, my cat Callie is 62 days (or close to that) pregnant. She has begun to show some signs of labor, but it has been 2 days since she started to act like this, so I am not sure. She will raise her hindquarters, like she is in heat, but does not let anything touch them. She is also become agitated (mewing a lot) and wants me to pet her, especially on the stomach, where she hasn't let me touch since she became pregnant. I know I'm just a worried mom, but I'd like you opinion. Thanks!
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It sounds like delivery may be very close ... keep an eye on your girl and if you haven't already, make sure you provide her with a safe, warm, dark place to deliver her kittens. Let us know if you need anymore assistance, but this would be a great place to start:


Best of luck,

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Wow this is exciting. Please do keep us all posted I can't wait to hear how the mommy does and how many is in the litter AWWW I can't wait
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Just an update-

She ate a little food, but has become very lethargic. She is licking herself a lot and occasionally makes a loud, I guess you would call it yelling, sound. It is louder than the almost constant groning sounds she makes. I will keep you updated.
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Still no kittens, but I can feel contractions. She also wants to rub on me a lot (esp. her tummy! ) I am going to keep a very close eye on her today!
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Still nothing, but today she has changed her habits a bit. She is still rasing her hindquarters as if she is in heat, but now she wants to rub them on my leg. Could this be because she is in pain? Is this normal? She is also rolling over and onto her back a lot, which I have never seen her do before. Has this happened with any of your cats? Oh, I hope the kittens come soon! I can't stand to see her in pain!
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