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My cat is lethargic all of a sudden

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In the last 24 hours, my very playful 3 yr. old cat has become lethargic. She doesn't want to eat, drink and hasn't gone to the bathroom in 24 hrs. She feels warm, and I'm thinking she has a fever. Should I watch her for another day before rushing her to the vet. She also threw up once yesterday afternoon (only foam - because she probably didn't have food in her stomach).

Thanks for your help.
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I'd get her to the vet ASAP! A cat that has not eaten or drunk anything in the last 24-48 hours can become dehydrated. To check for hydration, grab her gently by the fur on the back of her neck. If the fur stays up, she's dehydrated. Also, because she feels warm, that's an indication she's got an infection somewhere. The best place to feel if she's running a fever is underneath and in between her front legs. I wouldn't fool around with this, though.

The reason she is only vomiting foam is because there is nothing in her stomach to come up.

Good luck and let me know how you make out.
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Thanks Donna! I think I'll be off to the vet now
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Please let us know what happened at the vet!!
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Zowie is just fine. She's already perked up today, the doctor thinks she just had a virus.

Thanks so much for the concern.
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I'm glad everything turned out okay. As much as I hate to go to the vet because of cost, I'd rather spend the money and have peace of mind. Especially when my cat isn't acting right.
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Whew...I am glad she is okay. I get just as panicked with my cats as I do my human daughter. Yes, vet bills can be expensive, but I dont mind paying for peace of mind. My next door neighbor took her cat to the vet because of the same thing a month ago, she couldnt afford what it would cost and she brought her home still sick. She died that night, so I think I would pawn something if I had to!!!
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As of last night, my cat has the same symptoms all over again. Do you know what was wrong with your neighbor's cat? My vet seemed to be just guessing, and she perked up for 1 day. Now, she's lethargic again and I saw her throw up again last night (2nd time in 3 days). - it was just foam again that she threw up. I'm calling the vet here again, but any help would be appreciated to help the vet pinpoint the problem. My poor Zowie

Thanks so much,
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Donna and Sandie,

I just dropped Zowie off at the vet again. They are running blood tests and will start also with a couple of x-rays. I've decided to wait to see the blood tests tomorrow before they go ahead with ALL the x-rays and a barium/contrast procedure (where they shoot dye into her and x-ray every 1/2 hour to see if there is a blockage.) What do you guys think? I appreciate your input.
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I am so glad to hear you took her to the vet. I think doing the bloodwork is a good idea. Usually they can tell everything from that. There are so many feline viruses out there, that vets sometimes have to guess. The most important are the FELV, FIP and FIV. Of course she could just have a really bad stomach bug. I dont know what my neighbors cat had. She could have had anything as they dont really take their cats for vaccines and most are indoor outdoor. Pleasr keep us posted on her progress!!
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I am also stumped. But you were very smart in taking her back to the vet. I'm sure the blood work will show up something. Hang in there. You did the right thing.
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Thanks for everything.

Zowie is back home now after spending the day at the vets. They did all the tests, and there is no blockage. The blood work will come back today - and even they she has had all here immunizations, they are checking everything. My vet says that it is not uncommon for a cat to have what they call a 'fever of unknown origin'. I'm so glad I took her back in, because her temperature was dangerously high, and she had no food in her system. If I would have let it go, she might not have made it through the weekend.
She still seems pretty mad, but I know she is better, because gave herself a complete bath (she hadn't done that in 5 days). They gave her I.V. antibiotics to replenish her system.
Please pray that she will start eating soon, and thans SOOOOO much for your friendly support. It really helped me. If I get any weird news from the blood work, I will post another message today.

Thanks again - Cat people are always so nice
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That's what we're here for and that's what the cat site is all about!! people helping people!!

Glad to hear she's doing better.
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Zowie's blood work came back and she tested leukemia negative and F.I.P. negative. Good News! Her C.V.C. was ver high (white cell counts)....19 is normal, and she was at 31. They did the blood work before she had the I.V. antibiotics, so I have to take her in again on Monday to make sure they have come down. Doc thinks it was a very bad infection. I am staying home all weekend to keep a close watch, and I am going to the store now to buy a rectal thermeter to keep track of her temperature.

Thought you would like to know
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Thank you for letting us know. I wonder what made her so sick?? I hope she gets to feeling normal really soon. You know, I wouldnt worry too much about the eating as long as she is drinking. When we are sick, we dont like to eat either. I would offer her a little baby food and wet food on your finger until she decides she is hungry enough to eat something.
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Zowie is doing wonderful. She is gobbling up everything in sight now, and zooming all over the house - playing with her sister Puddin'Pie. I'm soooooooo happy.
Thanks to everyone
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