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My dear guy is very sick with cancer

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My dear Maxwell was just diagnosed with squamus(sp?) cell cancer under his tongue. I am just devastated. I feel so bad for him-I know how bad a mouth ulcer feels. But of course I know that a few all-too short months mfrom now, I will have to make the decision to say goodbye forever. It makes it so hard now. When he doesn't eat I wonder if this is it. When he sleeps a lot I wonder the same. I feel like I'm going to spend the rest of his time with me crying all the time and greiving before he is even gone. All I want is to forget that he is so sick and just enjoy him,just like before. Will it get easier as time goes on? I lost a cat before this one from toxoplasmosis which was never diagnosed until she died, and of corse I grieved for her then for a long time. But not before, not like this.
I'm also having a hard time getting him to eat. All he eats is watered-down lamb baby food, And some of my dinner chicken tonight. He hasn't had a bowel movement for a week. I know that he needs to be fattened up now before the eating really gets painful. Please, any sugggestions as to nutritional needs and appetite enhancers?(or should this be directed to another forum?) I'm sorry this is so long, But I feel better now-at least for the next five minutes...
Also what is this rainbow bridge?
Thanks guys for caring-cat folks need to stick together..
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I am so sorry to hear about Maxwell. The best thing you can do for him is to spend quality time with him and let him know how much you love him. It's very difficult when you have to be the one to decide a cat's fate. I had to put my precious Marina Mar down two weeks ago. The pain is still there and I still cry. But I know I did what was right for her. She was in pain and depressed from an incurable disease that no amount of medication would help.

Maxwell will let you know when it is time. Cats have a way of knowing. As difficult as it will be, you will need to put Maxwell's best interest first and foremost. Especially if he is in pain.

Helping a pet be free from pain is one of the most unselfish acts a person can do, as hard as it may be to let go.

The Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place where you can write your experiences with Maxwell down. There are also chat rooms and counseling services that they offer as well.

Here is the link.


I will say a prayer for you and Maxwell and keep you in my thoughts.

Hang in there.
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Anne - you may want to ask some questions in the health forum about ideas for Maxwell's eating, etc. There are a lot of very knowledgable people there.
You and your precious baby are in my thoughts and prayers.
Deb M.
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I know what it's like to go through grief ahead of time. I had to put my 14 year old cat, Midnight, to sleep in August. Midnight's last few months were a very special time that really meant a lot to me, and they also seemed to be special for her. At least for me, it never did get easy to think about what was coming up. My thoughts are with you, and there are others here who are more knowledgeable and who can help you more.
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Lorie and Donna-
Thanks so much. It's good to know that even times of sorrow and pain can be special.
I won't let Max suffer. He's given far too much of his love over the years for me to be selfish. I just wish it were out of my hands as it was with my other dear one-this is a whole lot harder. Though I realize now that she was in more pain and discomfort than we knew and I really regret that.
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You will know by looking in his eyes when the time is right and I will pray you find the strength and the courage to hasten your loved ones departure and free him from pain. They are only ours temporarily no matter how much or how fiercely we love them, God always calls them Home.
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Went to vet's today because of no bowel movement. The vet said there was nothing there so he gave me some cane of Hill's AD perscription diet and a shot of valium to stimulate his appetite. Max dove right into it! so there is some small glimmer of comfort in that.I'm enclosing some pics of him for your viewing pleasure.
Ann D
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Awwwww!!! what a sweetie :angel4: I sure hope Max feels better soon. Bless you for being such a wonderful Kitty Mommy :angel2:
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He is one beautiful kitty! Looks just like my Dad's cat Tigger, only about 17 pounds thinner

You and Max are still in my thoughts and prayers.
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what a beautiful cat! You are so lucky to have such a sweetie... Love him, hug him, he deserves it...

And do post about his condition in the heath forum for eating suggestions. As long as he eats, he will feel better.

My thoughts go out to you...

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I have enjoyed looking at the pics of Max. He is a beautiful creature and I know he is dear to your heart. Here's hoping things continue to look up for you and him.
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