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Cats... one word.. "Greedy"

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Today my mom and I went shopping to find some cheap clothes for my trip to mexico, because frankly my clothes arent... all that together.. I have this bad habbit of chewing on my collars..


so we went to wal-mart and fleetfarm... and of course I had to drop by the pet sections! It was a large fleetfarm too... a WHOLE wall full of cat/dog/pet stuff! So I bought my cats some toys there (I also purchased one of those automatic watering things for five bucks )

and then I proceeded to buy more stuff at walmart

Heh.. I got home.. and I was showing the kitties their new toys...

I reached in the bag and pulled out this wand toy.. the three plastic peices fit together and there is a string on the end... you can use the suction cup to put it on glass and its a fun toy the cats can play with by themselves and I also bought elliot these long mice with fuzzy tails, this ball that rolls by itself, some cheese and chicken treats... and some other toys I forget about...

well I gave them to them one at a time... and when I was done taking everything out.. elliot was still sitting by me staring at me... he then looked at the bag... and stuck his head in it and started rummaging around...

I told him "nope no more toys.. all gone.. you got them all" He took his head out of the bag glared at me with his ears back and smacked me on the arm with his foot! Then he dived back into the bag.. and came out glaring at me once more because he didnt find anything else in the bag!!!

So greedy!!! Yet so cute!!

I could have bought out all of petsmart and shown them to him and he still would have swatted me for running out of toys to show him

anyone else have cats like this???? He is so spoiled!! BUt it was soooo cute!

elliot absolutely LOVES opening presents! if I dont open the package with the toy in it fast enough he will grab my hand with his foot and start biting the package
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Elliot is a funny guy.
None of mine are greedy with me but with each other specially if one caught something alive. They'll growl if any of the others get near but if it's me they surrender their prey (most of the time it's too late though).
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Hehe....reminds me of my kitty Blackie (now at RB ) Every time I'd come home from Petco he had to run over and put his head in the bag and find his toy!!
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The only problem I have with buying my cats toys is, they would rather play with the bag or box the stuff come in. I swear they are watching me and wondering what the heck is taking me so long " MOM Just move give me the dang bag "
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