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Please Help Me!!

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Please Help Me!!!! My Cat Isn't Eating, And Has Lost A Lot Of Weight! I Don't Know What's Wrong With Him. He Is Dehydrated Also. Could It Be Heartworm? My Dad Don't Want To Pay For A Vet, Because He's "just A Cat" But I Don't Want To Lose Him! Any Ideas? Yesterday He Was Eating Wet Food, And Drinking On His Own, Now He Wont. I've Given Him Some Nutri-cal But He Still Won't Eat On His Own. I've Also Forced Some Water Down Him. What Should I Do?? I Couldn't Find Any Other Website That I Could Ask Someone For Free. Please Hurry, I Don't Know How Long He Has, He Hasn't Been Eating For About 3-4 Days, But He Did Urinate Today.
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How old is your cat?? If I may ask how old are you>>??
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Which is it? You say your cat ate yesterday wet food, then you say your cat hasn't eaten for three to four days? If your cat hasn't eaten ANYTHING in three to four days- then print out the following article and see if your parents will read it. It might prompt them to take the cat to the vet. Forcing fluids is risky because you can syringe the liquid to quickly down the throat and get water in the lungs-

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