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kitten food

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i was just seaching the net, and came across chicken soup for the soul, pet food.
anyone have any opinions on it?
the ingrediants look ok...
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it is a good food little high in the grain to meat levals to me ... I think it has 4 meats and sevan grains , i prefer one meat to one grain or one meat to one and half grains.I dream of two meats to one grain but that is hardly ever avail... Are you looking at pet stores ( big or mom and pop) or feed or hardware type stores..???
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Never heard of it... I feed Iams right now, but the next bag will be Purina... Billy's getting too fat. He's an adult cat, but I have two 9 week old kittens, so... at least with Purina, he doesn't gain like crazy. I haven't had a problem with it.
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ive been looking at petcetera, petsmart, superpet, tisol, and few smaller stores, i just feel so lost! there are so many kitten foods out there!
i just wanna get my kittens on some better stuff then what they are on, which is Fortum, by petcetera.
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Look at Nutros natural choice ( I like max thou it has wheat which isnt needed for a cat)... check Authority.. Royal canins sensible choice... Feline caviar if you can find it ..
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ack! so many! lol
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Originally Posted by Aquiel
ack! so many! lol
Ya, I know. I like Purina, though. It's not one of those "fancy smanshy" foods, but I think it has just what they need. Annie gets vitamins, too, because of her disease, though, but all the rest thrive on it. Canned food helps a lot, too.
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I like (and so do my cats) the Nutro natural choice.
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Chicken Soup is a food that works well for some, but not all...I agree, it has a LOT of grains. Good brands include Nutro Natural Choice, Innova, Authority is decent as well. In general, you want a food that doesn't have by-products or by-product meal as it's protein source, or even, as some do, corn gluten meal as their main ingredient. Skip a food with whole, ground or cracked corn, and imo, soy isn't something I want to feed either. You want a simple ingredients list of meat/poultry or fish in the first ingredients, not a ton of carbs, and no use of preservatives such as BHA/BHT or ethoxyquin.

I would *not* recommend Purina as these are the ingredients in the kitten chow and they are all on my ick list: "Poultry by-product meal, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, soy flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols (source of Vitamin E), fish meal," <----no problem with the fish meal or use of mixed tocopherols as a preservative.

It can be confusing, but use the above as a guide for what to avoid, and see what you can find at your local store.

The discussion on dry food or wet food has been continuing across many past threads, I'll let you do a search or browse to find them, and then would be glad to try and answer any questions.
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has anyone heard of N.R.G
I feed my little carjack this kinda of food, dehydraded, and it worked great.
I know that specific brand has a cat verson.
Anyone here feed that kinda of food?
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Here are the ingrediants to teh dog verson of nrg:
free range buffalo, naked oats, wheat germ, cook whole eggs, (including shells as a calcium source), cooked chicken liver, raw whole fresh carrots, grapefurit, winter squash, brocolli, cranberries, papaya, parsley, apple cider, goat milk, yougart, ground flax, cider vinegar, kelp, cold pressed safflower oil, olive oil, and fresh okanogan air.
with a few ingrediant changes, ( i cant find a ingrediant list for the cat variety), could this be a good cat food?
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I feed pro plan. Its Purinas higher ingridents are on there.
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Hi, main issue for me is the garlic if they kept that in the cat version. If you want article links as to why I choose not to feed garlic, let me know.

Some other options (perhaps - not sure re availability for you) consider Steve's Real Foods Dehydrated Feline click here or for a great frozen raw food, consider Raw Advantage Frozen Turkey Dinner without garlic for cats click here

I suspect there are other dehydrated w/out garlic out there.
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id guess the cat verson is garlic free, though ill find out tomorrow, ill go check those link though, thnx
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