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My Kitty Crew

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Hi there everyone! Well, I am a pretty new member and thought it was about time that I introduced you to our crew.

Monkey is a character and a half. He has super strong instincts and is curious about everything. He tries to act tough but he is really just a big softie. He meows to us constantly like he is talking. It is very cute. Our kitties are outside kitties and Monkey loooves to follow us around the garden and yard. Monks is really just a big baby and honestly loves to be held and sit in your lap. Overall, he is a super sweetie who is frisky and full of character. Monkey came into our lives because a coworker of ours had an accidental litter of kittens. He was trying to find good homes and knew that we were animal lovers. So Monks came to live with us when he was old enough to be away from his mamma. He is a little over a year old now.

A few pics of Monkey Moo.

Monkey looking handsome.

Tightrope walking on our fence by some of the roses.

Looking like an angel while getting some lovin'.

Sticking his tounge out!

hehe. I caught him "talking" to us! hehe

Tigger is our other cat. Tigger is a sensative soul. He was a stray that was found by a family friend. He was young and thin and scragglie looking. My bf's dad just fell in love with him at first site and he came to live with us. That was a little less than a year ago. Tigger may have been abused before being dumped (before being found by our family friend) because sometimes he will just eat up attention and want to be rubbed and held constantly... but other times he will slink his back down and not let anyone pet him. He is goofy, but always wants to be held. He just goes limp like a rag in your arms and purrrrrrs his little butt off. He has a heart of gold.

Tigger pics!

Roar! hehe.

Tigger and Monkey are best friends and enjoy a good snuggle.

Lounging around.

Here he is hanging out with my bunny, Cadbury, the other day.

Now, the really big news...

We have three new family members. Three kitties to be exact.

The story:
Two nights ago my bf woke me up at 4:30 am and just told me to follow him.So I followed him downstairs into the kitchen. There was a note from his bro saying something like:

"Mom & Dad- Coming home last night I came across three stray kittens crossing the road. I brought them home. They are outside of the basement. Let me know if you want to keep them, if not then I will start looking for homes."

Well, as soon as I saw the word kitties I was totally awake. We rushed to the basement to see the new additions. They are freaking adorable, of course, but they haven't been taken care of, poor things. So, then we played with them a while and then came back and slept a few hours. The we got up early the next day (after his parents got up and saw the note & kittens) to go visit them again. Well his parents had no doubt that they would keep these three. So my bf and I moved them onto the front porch, which is the kitty hang out spot. They need someone to love and take care of them. They are skinny. And I think they may have some skin irratation or something. And ear mites. They just look neglected, badly. I wonder if they were born in the woods or if they were dumped out here by someone. Either way, they are home now.

Like I said there are three. Two girls and a boy. All very young. They don't have official names yet, but my bf and I have made up temporary names.

If you guys have any name ideas, just let me know!

The first girl is black and has beautiful white markings on her paws and tummy. She is very playful and seems to be the "mother/leader" of the group. This little girl is motherly, but she can get down and play with the best of them. Such a character. She looks very, very similar to the cat my bf's family had when I first met him. Her name was Annie and she was also a stray that they took in. She lived a long life up here. So this first little girl is being called "AJ" for "Annie Jr." We don't have any really good pics of "AJ" yet, but hopefully we will get some better ones soon.

Here she is with CJ exploring the porch. AJ is the black one looking at the camera.

Here she is letting her spunky-ness show. AJ is the one swatting at the camera string. CJ is the cutie laying down behind her.

The other girl is the odd ball of the group. She looks like a bobcat or something. Like a large wild cat, but I just can't think of exactly which one. She will be beautiful when she grows up (they all will). She is the skinniest of all three, but man I tell ya... she is a rambunctious little thing. She is just so freaking playful. And always into something. Guess who that reminds us of? MONKEY! hehe. So Drew and I have been calling her "MJ" for "Monkey Jr."

MJ settling right in.... by sharpening her claws on the porch. ::rolls eyes::

I had to kind of hold her still for this pic. She is always off a running around somewhere. lol. Just like Monkey. You can kind of tell how skinny she is in this pic. Although, honestly she is much skinner than she looks here. Poor girl.

Roar! Attacks the camera string.

And the third little guy. He is the only male of the group. He it the shortest kitten but has the roundest belly. hehe. I think the girls took care of him. Anyway... his fur is BEAUTIFUL! It is like almost black close to the body, but then he has these long grey hairs that stick out all over. Plus he also has a splash of white on him. Most notably his white mustache. hehe. It looks like he has been drinking a bunch of milk. He is so fluffy and super cute. Plus he is such the little lover boy. He likes to snuggle and get attention. His grey coloring, fluffy fur, and super sweet personality reminded Drew and me so much of Chester. Toby's brother who passed away as a teen-aged kitten. So this little boy is being called "CJ" for "Chester Jr." (of course!)

Look at this sweetie.

Look at his fur. It is strange. But very handsome. He will be a knock out beauty when he grows up.

Good pic of his face. You can see his cute little white milk mustache. hehe.

Last pic! Everyone has to eat and drink at the same time! lol.

Aww.. aren't they precious. I can't believe anyone would just dump them out, or at least neglect them this badly. I am positive they didn't belong to anyone, because of the shape they are in. Starving and with the mites and ringworm. Grr. Makes me so mad to think about. But they are in a safe, caring place now and we will take care of them.

Monkey and Tigger are adjusting slowly to the new kittiens. Tigger will come on the porch and eat and sleep a little bit. But if the kittens get with in 6 inches of him then he hisses. And the kittens get an attitude back! Especially little CJ, he let out an adorable little growl at Tigger. So we have to work through everyone's attitude problems.

Monkey is taking it harder than Tigger. Just a few minutes ago he actually came on the porch and ate a bit and laid down for some lovings from me. This is a huge step forward for him because until just then he wouldn't even get on the porch and if the kittens made any movement toward him then he would hiss and dart off the porch. Needless to say he spend most of the day down at the garden just laying around. But... just a while ago... that was big improvement. He stayed there for a good while while I rubbed him and scratched his head. He just purred a bit and watched the kittens play. He still hisses at them, but he let them get closer to him this time than before. Monkey is just a super sensative cat and will take a few days or weeks to adjust. But will time and extra, extra love and attention I think he will eventually come around and find out that these new kittens are pretty cool. I think that he will especially love MJ. She is just like him. hehe. They could get into some really trouble together. hehe.

If anyone has any suggestions for helping Monkey and Tigger adjust, then please let me know. I would love to hear any and all opinions.

Two days ago we had two cats. Now there are five bundles of curious kitty joy. They are all precious and unique and such characters! Hope you enjoyed meeting my whole crew!

If anyone has any name suggestions for the kitties let me know!
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Wow, all your kitties are very beautiful. I like your big guys, but of course kittens are always cute.

Have you taken the kittens to a vet yet? If not, you probably want to check them out to be sure they don't have anything bad.
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No they haven't gone to the vet yet, but they will in the next few days.

Thanks on the compliments on my crew!
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What a beautiful kitty family you have, wow. They are so beautiful . The outdoor pictures of your cats are so wonderful. I live in town and take my guys out on leashes, its just not the same..
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they are all beautiful!! i just looove kitten fur.
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Thanks guys, I'll be sure to pass your kind words to them. Of course they already think they are beautiful. hehe.
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Awww What a beautiful fur family you have!
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awww, Those kittens are adorable! I am sure they will make a wonderful addition to your family!

I especially love the lil' black kitty with the whispy fur!!
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Man! Just look at all that beauty and cuteness.

Monkey Moo gets my vote for most handsome male!!!!!!!
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what an adorable fur family!!!!! congrats on the new additions!
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Thanks everyone!

Both Monkey and Tigger did better today with the new kittens. Monkey is still a little hissy when they get really close. But Tigger didn't hiss at all anymore. He actually spent most of today hanging out on the porch with them. Good sign. Monkey is spending more time on the porch than before, but still not like before.

Also, here are the best name suggestions that me, my bf, and his parents have come up with. They aren't official, but they are the most solid name ideas we have so far.

AJ: Annabelle (Anna for short)

MJ: Curious Georgette (Georgette or Georgie for short)

CJ: Andrew (Andy for short)
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Cj reminds me of my Aerowyn when she was a kitten! She was a little black porcupine too with the white hairs... she lost them as she got older though, but your kitten looks like he has about three times the white hairs she did They will grow up to be beautful kitties!!!

I love tigger I have a thing for orange cats, and I love long/medium haired orange cats even more.

This may sound strange.. but I was watching Lemony Snickets A series of unfortunate events last night... and your little CJ looks like the name "Count Olaf" would fit him.. he doesnst look like count olaf.. but the mustache just makes him look very fancy and deserving of a "count something" name :P
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What a handsome crew you have! The kittens are precious.
Little CJ has such a cool coat!!

Love your sig, by the way.
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What a great bunch o' kittens!!! I love that pick up Tigger's paw coming towards the camera
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Thanks again everyone! I will try to get some more pics of everyone today and get them posted. I will def. have kitten pics to post later, and Tigger pics shouldn't be a problem, but I don't know if Monkey will be in the picture taking mood. I'll try though.

Update on Tigger & Monkey vs. The kittens.

Tigger has pretty much completely accepted them. They walk right up to him, eat from the food bowl at the same time as him, etc. He has no problems with them. Yesterday, he hung out on the porch all day just watching them.

Monkey is doing a little better as well. He is still a hissing machine though. The good news is that all he will do is hiss. The smallest kitten snuck up behind him while he was eating yesterday. When Monkey looked over and realized how close the kitten was, he started hissing up a storm. BUT... he didn't scratch at him or anything. He just backed up and moved away from the kitten. He spent a while on the porch with them yesterday as well, but not long. He will stay there as long as we are out there to keep the kittens away and give him the space he wants. Of course I pet him and give him lovings when he lays down on the porch. As soon as we leave, though, and a kitten walks somewhat in his direction... he is gone! Fast as lightening. *sigh* I know Monkey can love them and accept them, but it will take time and patience.
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They are so beautiful/cute but Tigger is my favorite, he looks just like our cat that I grew up with.
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you have such a darling family! They are all so cute, and I love the kittens. Thanks for sharing the pictures, keep 'em coming
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Isabelle looked just like the last kitty you posted- with the funny fur and mustache. Now her fur is so long and luxurious looking. Her tail has the longest fur, I love it! I'm sure he will be a handsome boy!
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You have a lovely crew!
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i am in loveee with all your kitties!!

especially monkey. what a looker!
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Thanks everyone! Monkey certainly knows he is a handsome boy. He's a sweetheart and a big baby. Oooh I hope the smallest kitten will looks as pretty as Isabella as an adult. I want that long silver fur to stay!

They are all sweethearts and adjusting well. Tigger has become their rolemodel. He is completely bonded with them now and they will follow him around the yard and porch. HE seems to watch them and won't let them go too far. hehe. It is very cute to watch. He will just sit in one spot until they come back to him and then he will lead them onto the porch. Aww! Sweet kitty!

Monks is still adjusting. HE has been making big progress, but he isn't completely comfortable and hiss-free yet.
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What a lovely story and a very happy family you have there

Thanks for posting, and please keep us updated with the new babies progress.
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All of the babies are so beautiful!!!! just lovely... I think they are so adorable... enjoy them!!!!
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