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Jupiter ran away

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I got in after a night out celebrating the end of my exams a bit worse for wear. waiting up for me was my dad.

He told me he had some bad news, Jupiter, my three month old kitten had gone missing. My brother saw him sneak out the back door and when he went out to find him he had dissapeared. they had been out all night looking (it was 2am) but there was no sign of him.

Of course I started crying and ran out in the back garden to have a look. Jupiter was no where to be found

I begged my dad and brother to take me to look for him but they told me they had been out all night and had made some posters to put up in the morning.

Still crying i ran up to my room (it was 3 am now and i had throughly searched our garden) and rang my bf to drive over and help me look. Because i was crying so much (and a little drunk) he at first thought i'd been attacked! then slowly he realised what was up and ran into his parents room and woke up his mum to get the car keys.

I got of the phone and began to pull on some warm clothes and sensible shoes, silently barganing with god to let my kitten come home safe.

Just grabbing my doors keys, i turned round and who was in the door way - JUPITER!!

He was having a bit of a stretch and from the amount of cat hair i found in there had been asleep in the towel cupboard the whole time

Rang BF back a little red faced. if his parents didnt think i was insane before they do now.

Moral of the story: kittens can slip in small spaces!
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Oh Boy, LOL well I am sure your BF and everyone else was just happy that he was safe and sound!
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I was quite angry no one had checked the towel cupboard! lol

If i had been a little less tipsy and not panicked i would have realised he would be hiding somewhere in the house. he likes to sleep in strange places but always comes out when he hears me go upstairs for food and hugs.
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hahaha what a story, trust me I know what you are talking about , the insanity of it all. We have 8 cats. Everytime we are getting ready to leave the house we do a count. If we can't find one we will search the house until we find it. They can get into some crazy spots , we lost Jeanie one day she was in a pot under the cupboard sleeping.

When we get home we always do a count to. You never know who or when one of them is going to sneak out to take their own little adventure..
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i feel sorry for my dad waiting up to tell me they had lost my kitten and he was only sleeping!

After i found him i went to bed meaning to tell everyone in the morning. didnt realise my mum had set her alarm for 6 am to go look round the neighbourhood. when i woke up at 9 they had already gone door to door with a picture

my vet has a photo on the waiting room wall of her two kittens in a tissue box as a reminder to check everywhere before panicking.
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geez, girl, you had me worried sick!!!

So glad Jupiter is still safe at home!!!
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i lost teufel the first two hours i got him.
I was crying so badly because i thought he had jumped up the kitchen window and flew down (living on the 4th floor appartment)
i went out searching everywhere in the yard
and bf and a friend were seaching all over the appartment adn no where to be found.
my friend who is a vet nurse said dont worry he is hiding somewhere.. sure enough by 11 pm we heard some mews and i found him in my draw

Kittens are truly bad
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
geez, girl, you had me worried sick!!!

So glad Jupiter is still safe at home!!!
lol think of me searching the garden wearing a floaty gypsy skirt and top and four inch heels!!

he's asleep in a hat right now, makes the £ i spent on cat beds seem so worthwhile....
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so glad he's safe at home! we had a scare with finnegan like that... looked all over the house and yard so afraid he was gone forever when Shadow sniffed him out under a china cabinet with only 3 inches of space!
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Thank GOODNESS he was right under your nose the whole time and is now safe and sound
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I am so glad you found him and that he was ok. I read the title and was so worried. But I am so glad to hear that in the end he was ok.

I am sorry you had to go through all that but I am so glad he is sfae and sound as I bet you are too.

Sending big hugs to you

Eva x
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Thank goodness he is ok!
We went out one evening, years ago when Fred was still a kitten, came home very late, very drunk, and no Fred to be found. We found his twin brother about 5 times before finally locking him in the bathroom while we searched. No Fred! We slept for awhile, intending to look for him after the sun came up. I walked in to the living room a couple hours later, and there was Fred, sleeping in the upside down back fender of the Harley being assembled in the living room, rolled up in a greasy shop rag. I guess we didn't see him in the dark corner, where he never usually went. He slept in that fender right up until it got put on the bike.
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So glad the little one is fine and dandy and wondering what all the uproar was about.

Just to let everyone know, this thread was moved to SOS so it can serve as inspiration for others, as well as a reminder to anyone who thinks their kitty has escaped to thoroughly look through the house. Those little buggers can get in the craziest places!!
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