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Hi, I'm new. I'm from the UK, and i have two cats of my own, plus i foster cats and have two fosters at the moment. I only take on oldies as permanent cats, the youngest of my two is 10 and the eldest is nearly 14!! My two fosters are 2 years old and 8 months old.
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Congrats on your furbabies Welcome to TCS, glad you found the site and joined up! If you need any help around the forums, don't hesitate to ask. Just click on my name and send me a private message!
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Welcome to TCS! Everyone here is really nice and just PM me, or any member if you have any questions or concerns!
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welcome To TCS! I am donna proudly owned by 3 wonderful furkids!
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Thought i would tell you all bout the cats i have had, past and present. 6 altogether since i started living on my own three years ago. This will be a long post!!

Initially when my housemate left, i wasnt going to get a cat, even though i have loved them all my life, as i didnt think it was fair with being out at work and stuff. 2 days later though, my neighbour was asked to take on a cat as her owner had died and her son threatened to microwave the cat if my neighbour couldnt find a home for her. As she knew i had always wanted a pure white cat, she asked me to take her on which i did, she was called Charlie!! Unfortunately, the week after being allowed out, she developed an abscess which was treated, but two days later she started fitting in the early hours of the morning. Although she was rushed to the emergency vet and put on morphine, the fitting wouldnt stop, and she went naturally. The vet didnt think the fitting was connected with the abscess though. I only had her for 8 weeks. She 'got me into having cats'

Couldnt cope with the empty feeling of the house, so the day after Charlie died, my neighbour took me to the local shelter, and i got Tigger, as she was the only cat there for rehoming. She was a gorgeous tabby, about 5 years old. Sadly, after 8 months, she developed FIP and had to be pts. She made me realise that oldies were my 'forte'

When i told my mum i had got a new cat, she told me i was stupid as Ginger was a stray, so after deliberating for 6 days, we went and picked him up off the streets. His teeth were so bad he could barely eat, yet weighed 12lb (5.5kg). 3 years later, he still hasnt got under that weight, although it went up recently so he is on a strict diet now, and has lost some, but hasnt got under 5.5 yet!! he had been on the street for about 3 years, people were feeding him and fussing him but no one was willing to take him in. The only downside is that he will go to anyone, he was found in someones house on the street behind me the other week, so he now has a tag on his collar in case he does it again!! Will have had him for 3 years in August, the vet estimated he was 11 when i got him so i am saying he is 14 this year.

After losing Tigger, i wasnt going to get another cat, as Tigger bullied Ginger and he changed into a different cat after she went. 4 months after she went, my friend took me to an animal sanctuary, and i told her she wasnt supposed to let me come home with another cat!! The sanctuary has about 200 cats though, and i couldnt do it, so asked if i could home one. Told them it had to be an old, passive cat though for Ginger, and picked a pure white called Snowy. She made Ginger be friends!! Unfortunately she had a dodgy liver, and 15 months after getting her, she developed cholangiohepatitis, which didnt respond to medication, so in Jan this year i had to make the awful decision.

2 hours after coming back from the vets, i got a phone call from the local shelter (they knew Snowy was ill and that i would be looking for another oldie soon) asking if i could take on a 10 year old female. Went to see her, and she had been in the vets that morning, so i decided it was fate and took her on after she was bloodtested for FIV/FeLV. She only lives upstairs though, and rarely comes downstairs, so had to get used to having food and litter tray in my bedroom, something i had never done before!!

Then, just before Easter, a friend off a different forum had posted cos she had been asked to take on a 14 year old cat that sounded like she had cat flu, she had also been left in a house by herself for a year, with someone just going in to feed her and clean the tray, so i thought she would have behavioural probs. Although i was quite happy with two cats, i knew if she went to a shelter, she would be pts, so i offered to take her on. she had to be isolated for a while, as mine werent vaccinated against cat flu, so didnt want her interacting with them till they were. She went up for blood tests while she was in isolation, as i wanted to see if she had any liver or kidney probs, and the vet found mammary gland tumours as she had never been spayed. Due to being so unhandleable, it was decided not to spay her and just make her happy for what time she had left.2 weeks after diagnosis, she went off her food and although the vet could have given her a painkiller to try and get her eating again, she had lost nearly half a kilo in 2 weeks, so i decided to let her go, as if the painkiller hadnt worked, the stress of taking her back to the vets wouldnt have been good, she was wheezy everytime she went up. A lot of good came of me taking her on though
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first attempt at pics, hope they work!! [IMG][/IMG]

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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi and welcome!
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Welcome to TCS!
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hi and welcome to TCS!!!

see you on the forums!!!
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