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2nd attempt

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Hey all! Just gonna try to post one pic of Mooch this time to make sure I've got this right so I can post more later! Let me know if I goofed again please!

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Oh my goodness!!! SO MUCH CUTENESS!!! You didn't mess up, I can see litle Mooch fine, what an adorable little kitty!
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That's precious!
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aw! Mooch is such a doll!!! Can't wait to see more!!!
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Wahooo! Thanks!
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That's soooo cute... If you going to just throw out the trash, feel free to drop it by my house!!!
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Ever so sweet! I loooooooooove wastebasket pictures!
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OH TOTALLY SWEET Mooch is so sweet. how cute in the garbage can hehehehehehe that the same kind of thing my Titden and Ricky would do hehehe
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LOL thats so cute!!! Kittys should be careful where they decide to sleep though.. hope theres no dirty tissues in there!!!
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