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Pets & Vacation?

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I'm just curious as to what most of you do with your pets when you go on vacation?

We're leaving next week and having a neighbor feed and water our pets. We did kennel them at the vet's office one time and they were soooo stressed out when we picked them up.
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I have 3 horses, a dog, and currently 7 cats in, and 6 out. I couldn't afford to kennel them all! We don't vacation much, last time was when my sister got married in Colorado 2 years ago. Then we kenneled one dog, and she did fine.

It is hard to find someone who can take care of such a different bunch. The horse people aren't dog people, etc! All our family lives out of state, or they could help. Too bad I don't live next to some TCS people, I'll bet they could handle my crew with no problems!
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I've taken cats, dogs, and parrots camping with me.
I've snuck my eldest cat into the Reno Hilton
Having parrots, I can't/don't trust most people with them, parrots are different from cats & dogs, not many non-bird owners understand their needs.

If I didn't have birds, I'd take my dog with me and let MIL take care of the kitties.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I have 3 horses, a dog, and currently 7 cats in, and 6 out. I couldn't afford to kennel them all! We don't vacation much, last time was when my sister got married in Colorado 2 years ago. Then we kenneled one dog, and she did fine.

It is hard to find someone who can take care of such a different bunch. The horse people aren't dog people, etc! All our family lives out of state, or they could help. Too bad I don't live next to some TCS people, I'll bet they could handle my crew with no problems!

LOL I know I could handle your crew. I have that bunch myself
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I would love to say that I would help those of you with horses out but I'm scared to death of them. Until about 8 years ago I loved them but I had a horriffic experiance with one and won't go near them now.

They still amaze me, the beauty, and grace but I'll stick to admiring them from afar!
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If i can I take them with me. My cats have been all over, lol to girl scout camp and everything. That was interesting tho...and scared the pants off me last summer when I was there. While I was away replaceing some of our horses for a day, someone let my cats out of my office...and they of course all ran off. this is a 420 acre place..and these are indoor kitties!

Loki was the first to be found, hiding under the barn. Dutchy walked back into the barn with a mouse for dinner.

Bellie played tag with us for a few days but was brought back to saftey..and Jellie wasnt seen for an age. I cried about it, and decided sadly she was gone..somewhere.

about a week later I was in the staff house, which is a good mile or more from the barn in the wilderness..someone came in and said they saw somethin black and white outside, i thought it was a skunk but i went out side anyways...and sure enough it was JELLIE! Scared..and I had to bribe her to come to me but she was fine!

needless to say I bring them with or let my mom and dad watch them when i am gone for even just a day.
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Hubby and I are renting a cabin for a few days and we're taking the cat with us. She adjusts well to new surroundings. I just got her a leash and a harness yesterday so she won't trot off on us.
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My mom comes over and feeds cj, even if I leave one morning and come back the next night (so technically he doesnt need food or water as I am there sometime both days) She still comes over and plays with him, gives him people contact. There are very few people I trust with my cat. What can I say, I am overprotective!
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i would take my kitty to my mums as i know she would spend forever playing with him and spoiling him butsince we are going together on holidays tomorrow i have to .leave it upto my MIL as my cat lover land lady has also gone on holidays!!
im noy worried anout teufel so much but im worried about my bunny as she might not feed her right
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We usually hire a pet sitter to come twice a day, but my m-i-l considers that an insult to her, i.e., she thinks that we don't trust her, so we also request that she come over twice a day. We do trust her, but feel that all the pets we've had have taken advantage of her (she generally ends up sleeping at our house, with the pet(s) in bed with her, and cooking for them. Then my f-i-l complains that she's neglecting him.) The pet sitter cleans the litter box and feeds, while my m-i-l provides the necessary cuddling. We were away for a week in mid-May, and had the pet sitter (a friend's daughter) come once a day, and my m-i-l twice a day.
My 23-year-old niece has a pet sitting business - she moves into the people's homes, and takes care of any kind of pet, though her specialties are dogs, cats, and horses.
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My mom comes over (she's got a key to my place) & feeds my cats once a day vs. the two times a day I feed them. She also scoops the poopie & just checks to make sure all my cats look "right".

I have a rule, now, though: I will not stay gone for longer than 2 nights. Not for a while, anyway. Having an older cat with issues and how my cats don't eat & don't poop while I'm gone are reasons enough to cut vacations short!
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my gran comes in to feed the cats, rabbit and fish and my other gran will take the puppy to her house.

this year though we are renting a cottage or farm house so taking the cats and dog with us.
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It's a long time since we've been away more than two or three nights. Partly that's because I don't like to leave the kitties too long, and partly we'd just rather be on our own turf with time on our hands.

If we're away more than one night, Rob Jr comes in once a day to feed, water and fuss. We've been fortunate in that he has been available to do so when needed. However, we have lots of cat friendly friends, who could probably be pressed into service, if he was not available. When we're away just overnight, I just leave them lots of dry food and water, and put a wet meal down right before we go, and another immediately on our return. Litter isn't usually an issue, because they all prefer to use Mother Nature's big one.
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I didn't vote as I don't go on vacation. So we stay here with her all the time!!!! She's so spoiled!
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Most of the time my roommate is here if I go off on vacation or away for a night or two and so she'll take care of Waffle. Sometimes I bring Waffle to my parent's house though. When Brendan and I went to Asheville this past May and then to the Keys the May before that I brought Waffle over to the parents house. She's totally comfortable as her first two months were spent there before I moved into my own apartment and she still feels like she runs the place. I always feel terrible for leaving her though, even overnight!
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Our dog goes to a "kennel" although it's far from that. It's one of those Doggie Daycare places where they all play together. They let them all out to play at once (with a person watching, of course), have "nap time", sit with him to eat (since he's apparently neurotic without me), and even put Bag Balm on his feet since the gravel irritates them! He loves it so much, I can't even say the name unless I'm about ready to take him there! He goes NUTS!

We get some wonderful neighborhood girls to take care of the kitties. Depending on how many kitties we have at the time, they either go to the girls' house, or the girls come here. Since we have 11 cats right now (8 kittens), I guess the girls will come here. We're hoping that before our next vacation (on June 22), that a few of the kittens will be in their "forever" homes. June 22 is their 11 week birthday.
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I always hire a family member that I trust to come over and take care of all my furbabies while we are away, even if it's just for the weekend or overnight. That would have to be my sister, Kittywarden or my brother, Spideycat. All my babies just love them both to death and they feel very comfortable with them so they are my only choice, plus since gas is so high now I pay them for the gas to run back and forth to my house and check on my babies.
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I had Abby and Annabelle kenneled at my vet's office once when I went on vacation, but they both hated it- especially Abby. Now I just have someone come over every day to feed/water them and play with them. I have an automatic litter box, feeder, and water jug contraption- but I don't like the idea of them being alone for more than one night.
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I hired a petsitter while I was gone for 1-5 days. But now I'm off for 10days, and I'm bringing Seamus with me.
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Kenneling is not an option here - there are no such facilities for cats or dogs. If I am away for more than one night I ensure there is someone I trust in the house - my landlord is usually happy to come and stay. For a Bosnian he really likes my cats!
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Since I have 8 babies and my sister lives handy to my house, well actually Titden is my sisters cat but I say she is mine she lives with me right hehehe anyway I have my sister come over to feed,water & change litter. I know she is going to visit for awhile and give them love and attention and the cats love her too.
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in the past i have either left them here so someone can come in and feed them, or taken them to my mums so she can look after them
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Wow, I'm surprised at how many people have someone come to their home to take care of their pets. I really thought that I would be in a minority. I thought that most of you would take them along with you!
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Vacation? What is that?
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We need an option of I don't go on vacation because it would stress Sierra too much!
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Couldn't really answer the poll, 'cause we generally do both. Kellie is kenneled (boarded at the vet's usually) and if we're only going to be gone for no longer than about 3 days, the cats will probably be left with several clean litter boxes, plenty of fresh water and enough food for that length of time (this is what we did before and never had a problem.) The house has central air and heat (heat pump) so that's not a concern. I've taken Kellie with us a time or two, but I'm usually worrying so much about her while she's with us, that I can't enjoy myself so I usually try to avoid that.

The cats are going to be a problem if/when we go somewhere for longer than a long weekend. I may look into a pet/housesitting service but I don't believe that there are any in this area.
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I've usually had one of my co-workers come over even though she lives 10 miles (one way) away from my house!! Once we had a friend's sons come and feed and water them but now that our neighbor's kids are getting older (2nd grade and 4th grade) I think I will ask them. They really like petting the cats. I think they would be thrilled to earn a few dollars or some souveniors!!
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I don't go on holiday with my Mother so she stays and looks after the pets.
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when pandy was a kitten we snuck her into the hilton, have snuck them in a few times, if i can't, i have a lovely friend who will look after them, she loves cats and is very careful not to let them out, her cat is indoors too.

nassa comes with us all the time unless it's a hotel that won't allow dogs, then i just don't stay away for long

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We don't go because of the cats. There is no one I would trust with my 2 babies, and the local state parks don't accept animals in their cabins . so we are stuck for now.
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