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The Secret Life Of A Cat

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As a newbie here...I'll do a leeetle intorduction in a more unique way

(don't worry...i'm just a cat freak...not insane yet )

Hey, I'm a 16 year old Turkish Van cat. For a pedigree, that's pretty old!!
For years, Betty has protected me from the numerous attempts of my murdering vet to give me the "pink juice" .

I have no name. It doesn't really matter, because I only repsond to Betty anyway. Sometimes she calls me "meow meow" or "son" or "old man". Last night when I was too lazy to get off her bed, she called me an "antique". Sometimes, she calls me a "cow". Perhaps it's because of my brown patches of hair?

Betty's brother always bullies her, so to make him regret it, I have a tendency to pee on his bed. He can sleep in 2 rooms, and whichever bed he sleeps on, I pee on that one. It's hilarious when he sleeps in the soaked bed because it's usually followed by screams and moans. I always enjoy that moment.

I have to be injected with insulin twice a day, but that doesn't affect me at all. I love sleeping, and sometimes I have rather pleasant dreams. Perhaps you can take a guess at what I just woke up from in the picture below?

Betty loves me very much, and her bf was so jealous last time he threatened to assassinate me!! Luckily, she scared him off the idea. So once again, I was saved from the perils of the world.

And Betty and I continued to live happily ever after.
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Too sweet!! You are beutiful big kitty cat!!
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AWWWW how precious! welcome To TCS! I am donna proudly owned by 3 wonderful furkids!
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Welcome Handsome w/o a name and Betty! Love your intro!
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Welcome to TCS! But ohh after all that you forgot to tell us your name. Have fun!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Welcome to TCS! But ohh after all that you forgot to tell us your name. Have fun!
my name is in the picture-essay.
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Welcome to TCS!!

What a beautiful kitty, gorgeous fur!
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Welcome to TCS! What a cute kitty, and what a cool way to do an intro Hope you have a great time on the site!
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I love the intro welcome to TSC you'll love it here.
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What a beautiful cat! Hope we see more pics!
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Pretty kitties! And what a mischievious girl you have there!
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Hi there and welcome to TCS!

You are a beautiful Van.
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Welcome, Felis Cattus Sine Nomine (sounds much more dignified than "cat without a name", and therefore more appropriate for a handsome purrson such as you). Welcome also to Betty, human companion of Felis Cattus Sine Nomine.

Thank you, FCSN, for the splendid introduction. We will look forward to getting to know both of you better, and of course to many, many more pictures of your elegant self.
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welcome! i just joined a lil while ago, these are some of the nicest people you could ever talk to
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What a precious baby you are! Sierra and I sure hope you and Betty very much enjoy being here with us! Welcome to our family!
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Welcome No Name and Betty! I enjoyed your intro and pictures. You are a very pretty kitty and so brave. I especially like the last picture it is so touching sweet to me. I would love to see more soon.
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Originally Posted by eurasianfeline
my name is in the picture-essay.
Sorry, looks as though I didn't read it properly!
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What a handsome boy you are, Mr. No Name. You meowmy must be wonderful, for you to have lived to such an age.
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Hi Betty..."meow" is so handsome. I can tell by your pictures that you love him a lot. Welcome...
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Welcome to TCS! Your kitty is beautiful!
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That's such a cool idea! Imagine if you made it like a daily kitty diary lol That will be so cute.
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